How to Make PPT on Macbook for Presentations [Easiest Method]

cara buat ppt di macbook

Sometimes, PPT is needed for school or work assignments. This makes Macbook users must know how to make PPT on Macbook too, right? A little different from making PPT on other laptops, do this how to make PPT on Macbook: With Macbook Built-in Applications The first way to make a …

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How to Copy Text on Macbook The Easiest Way

cara mengcopy di macbook

MacBook devices are different from Windows even in basic things like copying text, images, or files. Even so, how to copy on a MacBook is not as complicated as new MacBook users imagine. In MacBook copying can still be done by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. It’s …

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Mac Os Catalina Review with Various Features!

review mac os catalina indonesia

The Apple company recently launched its latest product, Mac Os Catalina Indonesia. The product is now being loved by many enthusiasts. So, there are also many who need Mac Os Catalina Indonesia review for now. Many interesting and sophisticated features are presented by this product. In fact, it can be …

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How to Organize Folders on MacBook for Easy Access

cara merapikan folder di macbook

You must have experienced a messy folder that makes you dizzy looking for ways to tidy up the folders on your MacBook so you can easily find important files. Most people when doing something on a MacBook, do not pay attention to the arrangement of folders so that they accumulate …

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How to Force Quit Your MacBook: 7 Fastest and Effective Ways

cara force quit macbook

When using a MacBook, sometimes the application you are running suddenly stops. This problem can be solved by performing Force Quit. There are several ways to Force Quit MacBook that can be done. If you need complete information, try reading the following explanation: 1. How to Force Quit MacBook by …

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How to Solve a Slow MacBook that You Need to Know

cara mengatasi macbook lemot

MacBook slowdown is a problem that is often experienced by longtime users. Since this obstacle can hamper activities, it is necessary to understand how to overcome a slow MacBook as a provision for dealing with similar problems now and in the future. The slow performance on a MacBook can be …

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How to Operate a MacBook Easily for Beginners

cara mengoperasikan macbook

MacBook is a laptop by Apple that has become the favorite of many people because of its different and superior operating system. Therefore, how to operate a MacBook is also a bit different compared to other laptop brands. Both in terms of design and features, MacBook has its own settings …

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How to Resize PDF on MacBook with 2 Different Methods

cara resize pdf di macbook

Sometimes, the PDF files on your MacBook that you have from various sources are large in size. Eventually, it becomes difficult to resubmit them. Please note that, how to resize PDF on MacBook can be done easily. In this article, information will be provided about the resize process. In addition, …

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How to Split Screen MacBook Pro that Needs to Be Understood

cara split screen macbook pro

MacBook Pro users have been facilitated by the Split View feature. With this feature, the process of opening two applications simultaneously will be very possible. How to split screen MacBook Pro is also very easy and not confusing. But for beginners, this process will be difficult to complete. Therefore, this …

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How to Connect a Macbook to a Projector and Set It Up

cara menyambungkan macbook ke proyektor

How to connect a MacBook to a projector is usually needed when connecting a MacBook to a projector. Usually the projector will be very used when doing a presentation at work or school or other things. If you often use a projector then this method will be a very easy …

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