How to Deal With a Waterlogged Macbook and Its Impact on Your Macbook

cara mengatasi macbook yang terkena air

Macbooks are very prone to damage when exposed to water. Water can damage the components inside the Macbook and make it unusable. Therefore, it is necessary to know the impact and how to deal with a Macbook exposed to water. Water can easily be the thing that ruins your laptop. …

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Does Mac OS Update Lose Data? And How to Update?

apakah update os mac menghilangkan data

Apple continues to upgrade its operating system with OS updates. In easy ways, Apple users can experience new features in it. But do Mac OS updates lose data? People need to update their Macs because there are some bugs that are prone to cybercrime, such as data retrieval and hacking. …

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Know where to download the latest Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina

hackintosh mac os catalina

For Windows users who want to try using Mac OS, there is a common alternative to Hackintosh. Here’s an explanation of Hackintosh and where to download Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina, the latest Mac OS. The original Mac OS that comes with Apple’s official devices is attractive for its processor efficiency …

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Games for Macbook: 6 Most Playable List

game untuk macbook

Macbooks are not known for their gaming performance like Windows OS. But even so, there are many games for Macbook that are very exciting to play. In fact, some of the most popular games on Windows can now be accessed on Mac. For Macbook users who are looking for entertainment …

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Mac OS High Sierra Specifications and Features [Latest Update]

spesifikasi mac os high sierra

Mac OS High sierra specifications are now quite very attractive to users with a variety of feature updates. The fourteenth release from the Apple brand is Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra. Mac OS is one of the Operating systems from the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that has been marketed by …

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How to Reset Your Macbook Pro Like New in 3 Different Ways

cara mereset macbook pro seperti baru

For those who experience MacBook problems or feel slow and want to restore MacBook back to factory settings but don’t know how. Then there is no need to worry, because how to reset the macbook pro like new again can be done easily. Actually, every device is equipped with features, …

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How to Make PPT on Macbook for Presentations [Easiest Method]

cara buat ppt di macbook

Sometimes, PPT is needed for school or work assignments. This makes Macbook users must know how to make PPT on Macbook too, right? A little different from making PPT on other laptops, do this how to make PPT on Macbook: With Macbook Built-in Applications The first way to make a …

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How to Copy Text on Macbook The Easiest Way

cara mengcopy di macbook

MacBook devices are different from Windows even in basic things like copying text, images, or files. Even so, how to copy on a MacBook is not as complicated as new MacBook users imagine. In MacBook copying can still be done by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. It’s …

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Mac Os Catalina Review with Various Features!

review mac os catalina indonesia

The Apple company recently launched its latest product, Mac Os Catalina Indonesia. The product is now being loved by many enthusiasts. So, there are also many who need Mac Os Catalina Indonesia review for now. Many interesting and sophisticated features are presented by this product. In fact, it can be …

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How to Organize Folders on MacBook for Easy Access

cara merapikan folder di macbook

You must have experienced a messy folder that makes you dizzy looking for ways to tidy up the folders on your MacBook so you can easily find important files. Most people when doing something on a MacBook, do not pay attention to the arrangement of folders so that they accumulate …

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