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How to Deal With a Waterlogged Macbook and Its Impact on Your Macbook

cara mengatasi macbook yang terkena air

Macbooks are very prone to damage when exposed to water. Water can damage the components inside the Macbook and make it unusable. Therefore, it is necessary to know the impact and how to deal with a Macbook exposed to water. Water can easily be the thing that ruins your laptop. …

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Advantages and How to Use DIALux Software, the Best Free Lighting Design Software

cara menggunakan software dialux

For interior designers or spatial stylists, lighting design apps are essential. The best application on the market and free is DIALux. Here’s how to use DIALux Software, the best lighting design software. Light styling is an important part of interior design. To find out what kind of lighting model is …

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How to Slide Show PPT Automatically: Easy and Effective

Do you find it difficult when presenting material with PowerPoint? Do you often have difficulty when you have to press a button on the keyboard to switch slides? Creating an automatic PPT slide show can be a solution to this problem. Besides making the presentation process easier, an automatic PPT …

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How to Make PowerPoint PPT Hyperlinks

How to make PPT hyperlinks easily and quickly. Who doesn’t want to create an interesting and interactive presentation? One way to enrich your presentation is to add hyperlinks. Want to know how to make PPT hyperlinks? Check out this article until the end! When you create a presentation, you may …

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How to Open PPT that Won’t Open

PowerPoint (PPT) is one of the most frequently used presentation programs for creating professional presentations. However, sometimes we experience problems when we want to open a PPT file that cannot be opened. Not being able to open a PPT file is certainly very annoying, especially if it happens when you …

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How to Make PPT for Proposal Seminar

Are you looking for a way to create an engaging proposal presentation? One of the best ways is to create a PowerPoint (PPT) that presents information in an interesting and effective manner. In this article, we will discuss an easy and complete way to create a PPT that will make …

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How to Make Transparent Shapes in PPT

Transparent shapes can increase the aesthetic value of your presentation. For those of you who often do presentations, of course, you want the presentation material you make to be well received by the audience, right? Well, one way to make your presentation interesting and easy to understand is by using …

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How to Convert PPT to JPG: An Easy Solution for Quality Conversions

PPT presentations or slides that you create may be difficult for some people to access, especially if they don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint. However, by converting PPT to JPG, you can easily share your high-quality slide files with anyone. Check out this article and find out how to convert PPT to …

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How to Charge iPhone on Power Off

Have you ever had a situation where your iPhone dies and you need to use it again, but the battery runs out and you don’t have time to wait for it to fully charge? This situation can be very frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry or there is …

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How to Put a Video in PPT – The Right Solution for Engaging Presentations

How to put a video in PPT is quite simple and easy to do. You no longer have to worry about losing your presentation due to technical issues while playing the video. In this article, you will learn the easy and complete way to add videos into your PowerPoint presentation. …

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