10 Recommended Unblocked Browser Apps for PC

aplikasi browser tanpa blokir untuk pc

It turns out that users don’t need to install a VPN to enjoy sites that have been blocked by the government. Because it turns out that there are recommendations for unblocked browser applications for PCs. Actually all of these existing recommendations are also almost the same as a number of …

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9 Apps to Edit Photo to Music Video Offline

aplikasi edit foto jadi video musik offline

The development of technology makes it easy for many people to edit photos into videos only through applications. Everyone is free to be creative by utilizing the features available in it. In the article below, we will describe the offline music video editing apps for reference. The applications that will …

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11 Photo Edit Application on Samsung Cellphone

aplikasi edit foto di hp samsung

The process of editing photos so that they turn out to be more beautiful now does not need to bother using a PC. Users can edit photos via smartphone devices, including Samsung phones. The reason is there is a photo editing application on Samsung HP that is practical and the …

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6 Graduation Background Photo Edit App on Android and IOS

aplikasi edit foto background wisuda

The pandemic period changed the style of graduation events from 2019 to 2021. At that time, graduation was held only online. But the presence of this graduation background photo editing application is enough to help enliven, even when the hectic pandemic era has passed. It is no wonder that these …

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10 Best Korean Aesthetic Photo Edit App, Viral Now!

aplikasi edit foto aesthetic korea

Perhaps many people are curious about Korean aesthetic photo editing apps that are suitable for use to beautify their photos. Not to mention the many choices of interesting effects to use, starting from the usual to later being more luminous. In simple terms, many applications have been provided and offered …

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10 Lightweight Android Browser Apps to Download Now

aplikasi browser android yang ringan

As is well known, every Smartphone must have a browser. But sometimes the built-in application has a heavy system for the phone itself. Therefore, many users are looking for Android browser applications that are lightweight and suitable for low spec phones. But with many similar applications appearing lately, many users …

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11 Anti-Block Browser VPN App that’s Worth Trying

aplikasi vpn browser anti blokir

Many people are looking for an anti-block browser VPN App because it can overcome blocked sites. Often people get annoyed when accessing a site instead of being redirected to an internet positive page. With a VPN application, it will definitely be easy to access again, but unfortunately there are many …

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10 Latest Aesthetic Polaroid Photo Edit Apps (Update 2023)

aplikasi edit foto aesthetic polaroid

Photo creations are increasingly diverse. Especially if the photo will be uploaded to Instagram or other social media, people will compete to beautify the photo. One of the most frequently sought after is the aesthetic polaroid photo editing application on the Google Play Store. Polaroid-themed photo editing has been widely …

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10 Best Android Browser Apps for Top Security and Experience

aplikasi browser android terbaik

The browser application is an online service that has the function of being a source of providing and receiving various information. In addition, browsers are useful for users to access sites and pages on the internet. The best Android browser app ideally makes it easy to find information and open …

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10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps on Macbook

aplikasi edit foto gratis di macbook

Free photo editing apps on MacBook are much sought after these days by Mac users. Especially if you want to beautify the photos that have been taken, then users can try editing the photos. The edited photo will also look more beautiful. For users who like photo editing, they will …

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