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How to Operate a MacBook Easily for Beginners

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MacBook is a laptop by Apple that has become the favorite of many people because of its different and superior operating system. Therefore, how to operate a MacBook is also a bit different compared to other laptop brands.

Both in terms of design and features, MacBook has its own settings and characteristics that beginners may need to learn first in order to use it comfortably. Here are 7 ways to operate a MacBook for beginners:

1. Setting the Trackpad/Touchpad

For a laptop device, a trackpad or touchpad is an important feature that must be present. Interestingly, the MacBook provides special settings that beginners can use to set their own desired trackpad navigation as comfortable as possible.

Simply click on the Apple logo > System Preferences > Trackpad. The screen will display several navigation options to choose from. Here are the menus that can be customized:

  • Point and Click: To set tracking speed and trackpad navigation.
  • Scroll and Zoom: To set the scroll and zoom navigation system.
  • More gestures: To get clear information when opening a large number of applications.

2. Installing Apps

How to operate the next MacBook is about how the stages to install an application. Which stages are relatively very simple as listed in the instructions below:

  • For applications from the internet: Enter the “Downloads” folder, double-click “Disk Image”. If the available installer does not open automatically, then open the installer manually, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • For applications from the internet: Go to the “Downloads” folder, double-click “Disk Image”.
  • For apps on disk: Insert the disk into the optical drive section of your MacBook or through a device connected to your MacBook. Perform the application installation by following the directions that appear.

3. Searching for Files and Applications

Laptops are devices with complex systems, designs, and features that require a good understanding to use. Through a good understanding, small activities such as searching for files and applications will be easy to do well.

On the MacBook, there is a Spotlight Search feature that serves to search for various files and programs that you want to run. Not only that, users can also mark these files and programs so that they are easier to access in the future.

4. Running Applications

Once the required applications are installed on your MacBook, you can start using them by opening them. How to do this? Simply run “FINDER” and press the “CMD” + “Shift” + “A” keys and a list of applications will pop up.

For a more practical way, go to the “FINDER” menu, select “Application”, then click on the application you want to use. Once the application is running, create a desktop shortcut in the same way as any other laptop for easier access.

5. Overcoming Application Not Responding

MacBook is equipped with a powerful operating system that excels in almost all aspects, especially in terms of response speed. Even so, sometimes the MacBook also experiences problems such as crashes or not responding.

To solve these problems, press the red cross on the application to close it. Then, select the application in the menu bar and click “Quit”. You can also press the “CMD” + “Q” keys to completely close the running application.

6. Resize Application Window and Menu

On a MacBook, there is a green button next to the red and yellow buttons on each application window and menu. The button is used to resize the window displaying the content to your liking without the Scrollbar.

If you want to minimize the size of the application window, then users can double-press on the Title Bar. Later, the system will send the window into the Dock feature to be hidden. To disable this function, execute the following instructions:

  • Press the Apple logo, click “System Preferences” and select “Appearance”.
  • Then, uncheck the “Double-click a MacBook’s title bar to minimize” option.
  • Done.

7. Uninstall Applications

Sometimes the usefulness of an application is no longer needed so users prefer to delete it by uninstalling the application. This is so that the data in the application does not occupy storage space and RAM capacity.

How to uninstall an application on a MacBook is relatively easy, which is just delete the application from the Application folder then the application has been successfully uninstalled. Use a cleaning application such as AppCleaner to delete all remaining data that is still on the device.

Those are 7 ways to operate a MacBook easily that beginners must know. The above is basic information that can be mastered in a fairly short time where beginners can also learn other features by themselves.

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