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How to Split Screen MacBook Pro that Needs to Be Understood

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MacBook Pro users have been facilitated by the Split View feature. With this feature, the process of opening two applications simultaneously will be very possible. How to split screen MacBook Pro is also very easy and not confusing.

But for beginners, this process will be difficult to complete. Therefore, this section will provide detailed information. In order to execute it easily, see the process as follows:

How to Split Screen with Split View Feature

In this first explanation, we will explain how to split the screen to completion. Maybe for old users, how to split screen MacBook Pro is not a complicated process. But for new users, it may require some adaptation.

Hence, the process will be explained step by step for easy understanding. If you want to follow along, be sure to review the process carefully. Check out the details of the process below:

  • First, open one of the applications that will function. The type of application is not restricted and can be anything.
  • Then look at the top of the app, and you’ll see a row of yellow, red, and green buttons on the left.
  • To continue the process, position the trackpad over the green button. There is no need to press it, and only position it on top of it.
  • Next will appear a row of ospi that can be selected. Just tap the “Tile Window to Left of Screen” section if you want to position it on the left. If you want to position it on the right, select the “Tile Window to Right of Screen” option.
  • Then for the next step, open another application that will be utilized and will open directly in the other section. Meanwhile, if you want to open another application, then one of them must be closed first.

It is important to understand that the process can be run offline. So there is no need for an internet network to do so because this feature is built-in to the MacBook pro. This, of course, will facilitate the process of utilizing the feature.

However, the details of the method should not be underestimated. If one step is missed, then there is a high chance of confusion from new users. So all aspects should be given attention.

What If the Split View Feature Doesn’t Appear?

In fact, not all MacBooks have the Split View feature. But for this MacBook Pro, the Split View feature is already provided for use. However, sometimes this feature does not appear due to the new MacBook setup.

If this happens, then the user must do the setup process first. The Split View feature not appearing is not because the MacBook is broken. Therefore, immediately run the following settings to solve it:

  • First go to the “Settings” section of the Macbook.
  • Then select the “Apple” menu and proceed to select the “System Preferences” option.
  • Then some more options will appear, and just click on “Mission Control”.
  • At the next stage, make sure the “Display Have Separate Spaces” section is on. If it’s not on, then check the box.
  • Then try the method of splitting the screen as per the guide above.

According to these directions, the process of utilizing the Split View feature can be done after the settings are executed. Just try the steps according to the method described in the first point above.

If this does not provide a solution, then it is better to ask the experts. It could be that your MacBook Pro system is in a bad state of system structure, so expert handling is required in the process.

How to Exit Split View Feature

In addition to knowing how to split screen your MacBook Pro, it’s also important to understand how to exit the feature. This process may be asked by MacBook Pro users who are not too familiar. Therefore, this exit process will be informed.

In fact, exiting the Split View feature is not too difficult. There are only four steps that can be taken. If you are curious about the process and completion, then see the following details:

  • In the first stage, close one open application first.
  • Then hover the trackpad over the green button in the app that is still open.
  • Then several options will appear according to the first procedure. Just click on the “Enter Full Screen” button.
  • With this process, the screen will return to its original state.

Through this process, it is clearly understood how to exit the Split View feature. Ensure that the steps are executed in a structured manner so that you do not encounter any obstacles during the process.

The more you open this feature, the easier it will be to exit. Therefore, review the process well and run it regularly. Thus, the process will not be confusing.

Such are the details of how to split screen MacBook Pro that can be run. In addition to how to split screen, it has also been explained how to solve the problem and close the feature. So make sure to understand everything so that it can be applied easily.

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