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Know where to download the latest Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina

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For Windows users who want to try using Mac OS, there is a common alternative to Hackintosh. Here’s an explanation of Hackintosh and where to download Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina, the latest Mac OS.

The original Mac OS that comes with Apple’s official devices is attractive for its processor efficiency and features. But they are very expensive. Hackintosh can be a solution for non-Apple users who want to try the Apple ecosystem.

What is Hackintosh?

Before knowing where to download Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina, it is necessary to first learn what Hackintosh is. Hackintosh is an alternative driver for non-Apple devices, to have a Mac OS or OS X operating system.

So, Hackintosh can be installed on a non-Apple laptop. Then the operating system will change from Windows, Microsoft, or Google, to a Mac OS or OS X driver.

Hackintosh is utilized by non-Apple laptop users who want to try the Apple ecosystem but are hindered by price or other things. Hackintosh itself has advantages and disadvantages.

Because this driver is not an official Apple product, the method of using Hackintosh is actually hacking. And since Apple’s original operating system is called Macintosh, that’s why this method is called Hackintosh.

Where to Download Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina

Here are some links that can be used to download Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina. Please ensure your PC has sufficient specifications before downloading from the links below:

  • Link 1: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1xSZmaB98de5PBvzFgFabuxST0g0nr3hC&export=download.
  • Link 2: http://ww7.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/1090-niresh-catalina/.
  • Link 3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U-aMg38Sw5YD2XkuF-7fxaJPkXvXJBZj/view.
  • Link 4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qm9Ymi5IUKRq5v4NcXhckGgcu1pjxLqs/view.

Mac OS Catalina is the latest Mac OS, which was released in 2019. This Mac OS Catalina has many new features that Apple guarantees to pamper users. The new features of Mac OS Catalina include the following:

  • Updated iTunes feature so it can browse 3 apps at once.
  • “Find My Macbook” feature that operates without an internet connection.
  • Find My Macbook
  • SideCar feature to add a monitor.
  • Improved accessibility using Siri, allowing for 100% control of the Macbook.
  • Updated search AI so that the device can predict searches that the user will perform.

Hackintosh Pros and Cons

After knowing where and how to use Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of Hackintosh. Here are each of the advantages and disadvantages:

1. Advantages of Hackintosh

The first advantage of using the Hackintosh operating system is that it is much cheaper. Anyone can build their own PC with the specifications they want, and then install Hackintosh on it.

The budget required with this method proves to be much cheaper than buying Apple products with similar specifications. This is because the price of Apple products is very expensive.

A further advantage of installing Hackintosh is that users can still update SSDs and other components of the PC. So, the benefits of the Windows PC are still there and can still be applied.

With Hackintosh users can try using the luxurious and efficient MacOS operating system. Hackintosh can be tried and then uninstalled, if you want to return to Windows or a similar operating system. With Hackintosh users can try using the luxurious and efficient MacOS operating system.

In addition, Hackintosh is now quite popular among sellers and users of non-Apple laptops. This makes some sellers often attach the label “Support Hackintosh” when selling PCs to customers.

2. Disadvantages of Hackintosh

The disadvantage of Hackintosh is that since the driver is not authorized by Apple, it is actually illegal. Apple has also issued a ban on hacking this Macintosh.

In addition, because Hackintosh drivers are installed from the free internet, there is an increased chance that the PC will be exposed to viruses or other interference. There may be irresponsible providers who provide other files but call them Hackintosh.

Then Hackintosh which is an assembled driver also has the opportunity to not run as desired. For example, it is not smooth because the PC specifications do not match the needs of Hackintosh.

Anyway, using Hackintosh on a PC laptop cannot replace the experience of using a real Macbook or iMac. But it can only treat the user’s curiosity.

Such is the information about Hackintosh as well as the place to download the latest Hackintosh, namely Hackintosh Mac OS Catalina. Basically, Hackintosh is indeed a way out for users who want to try the Apple ecosystem.

For users who want to move to the Apple ecosystem but are still hesitant, they can try first with Hackintosh. However, this method may not be recommended for long-term use.

Long-term use of Hackintosh increases the potential for device errors. It is also necessary to consider the disadvantages, advantages, and compatibility of PC specifications with the Hackintosh to be installed.

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