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How to Make PPT on Macbook for Presentations [Easiest Method]

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Sometimes, PPT is needed for school or work assignments. This makes Macbook users must know how to make PPT on Macbook too, right? A little different from making PPT on other laptops, do this how to make PPT on Macbook:

With Macbook Built-in Applications

The first way to make a PPT on a Macbook is by utilizing the Macbook’s built-in office applications. The Macbook itself comes with three basic applications. One of them is Keynote which is ready to help make PPT from Macbook.

The method is quite easy. Users only need to enter the Keynote application that is already available on the Macbook in the menu bar section. Then, just follow the instructions given by the application to be able to make PPT from this application.

With the Keynote application, users can get the basic features of PPT creation. Some basic editing can also be done for the PPT created. The saved file will automatically be in .pptx format and can be imported to other devices.

With Applications from Office

Just like on other laptops, you can still use Office applications on your Macbook. How to make PPT on Macbook can also be done by getting an office that is suitable for Macbook. Therefore, the following two offices are suitable to be installed on Macbook:

1. Microsoft Office

Who is not familiar with Microsoft Office. Its services for users are already very legendary among laptop users who use Windows or others. But apparently, iOS users can also get services from Microsoft Office.

To be able to utilize Microsoft Office from a Macbook, of course, you must install the Microsoft Office device to the Macbook used. After the software is installed, Words, Excel, and Powerpoint can be created from a Macbook.

2. LibreOffice Impress

Another alternative Office tool that can also be used apart from Microsoft is the LibreOffice tool. Basically, this application is also an Office application that provides data processing, word, and presentation applications like Microsoft Office.

Similar to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice Impress also requires users to install the software on their Macbook. Afterward, PPT creation, word processing, and numerical data can be done directly from the Macbook.

With PPT Maker Website

In addition, Macbook users can also make PPT on Macbook through websites. Some of these websites are a great choice for making PPT on Macbook because of the features they offer. For that, try some of the following recommendations:

1. Google Slides

Google Slides has become one of Google’s flagship features that Google users can rely on. No matter what device is used, Google applications can be utilized by users. To make PPT, Google Slides is certainly an expert.

Google Slides can be accessed from anywhere including from a Macbook. Its use does not need to install the application so that access is very easy. PPT creation can be started from the website and PPT can easily be shared with others.

2. Canva

Secondly, there is an editing website that is well-known among users, especially if they often do simple editing. Canva has a lot of features to offer. For making PPTs, the slides feature on Canva is really reliable.

Canva itself can be operated directly from the website if the user does not want to install an application. On the website, just select the slide making service. There will be a variety of cool PPT templates ready to use.

3. Prezi

There is also Prezi Desktop that is ready to help make PPT on Macbook. This website is similar to Canva in that it provides ready-to-use PPT templates. Needless to say, most of its features are available for free.

Prezi also allows users to access its features without the app. Just log in to the app and sign up for an account. After that, all the features in Prezi can be enjoyed. If you want advanced features, you can also pay for the Pro version.

4. iSkySoft Slideshow Maker for Mac

The last one is a website that caters specifically to Macbook users who want to create slides or PPTs. The use of this site has to be paid. But the payment made is definitely worth the features offered by this site.

No need to worry as there is a free trial period of this website. Just take advantage of these features before deciding to buy the pro version.

Those are some ways to make PPT on Macbook that Macbook users need to know. Although a little different from Windows laptops and others, the ways that can be done are quite easy. That way, users can still make interesting presentations.

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