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How to Copy Text on Macbook The Easiest Way

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MacBook devices are different from Windows even in basic things like copying text, images, or files. Even so, how to copy on a MacBook is not as complicated as new MacBook users imagine.

In MacBook copying can still be done by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. It’s just that the keys pressed are slightly different from the combination on the Windows keyboard. Here is the full explanation

How to Copy Text on Macbook

Users must have been used to copy text on other devices, so how to copy on a MacBook will be faster to understand. The features or controls and applications of Apple-made laptop and PC devices are indeed different from Windows systems.

Fortunately, the layout on the keyboard of both is not too different, making it easier for users to adjust. Basic things about copy and paste on MacBook devices should also be easy to understand, here’s an explanation.

1. Using the Mouse

On a Windows mouse, right-clicking is of course done by pressing the right side of the mouse with one finger. But when looking at the MacBook mouse, users will be confused because there is no separation between the right and left.

As it is known that the original MacBook mouse does not have left and right side buttons. So the use must press the mouse with one finger so that the left click function can be executed.

The alternative is to press the control along with a one-finger click on the MacBook’s original mouse. If it is still difficult, users can still use the old mouse that is commonly used on Windows as follows.

  • Select the text, image, or file by pressing the MacBook mouse using one finger.
  • After finishing release the pressure on the mouse, then press again but to activate the right click that is with the pressure of two fingers, tap the Copy command.
  • Continue accessing and hovering over the place where the object will be pasted. Then click the mouse with two fingers again so that the command options are displayed, then select paste.

2. Using the Keyboard

On the MacBook keyboard there is also a CTRL key like on the Windows keyboard, it’s just that the user is different. To use the CTRL function like in Windows, Mac users do not press CTRL but Command.

Likewise, the Alt key, for example, for the Alt + Tab shortcut on the MacBook will be replaced by pressing Command. In essence, the Command key is the most crucial key for users in a shortcut.

  • Block the sentence then press Command which is located exactly the same as the CTRL key on the Windows keyboard, which is on the left and right side of the keyboard.
  • Hold the Command button then press the letter C simultaneously, after which users can paste it by pressing Command which is then followed by the letter V.

How to Copy Images on Macbook

In addition to text, how to copy on a MacBook on images is also important for every user to know. Actually, how to copy an image is not much different from how to copy text, but for more details, see the following explanation.

1. Via Trackpad

It is a special feature to translate the position and movement of the user’s finger to the operating system and transferred to the screen. The trackpad in use needs to be activated first and then it will translate commands through the following steps:

  • Press the Apple logo at the top left of the screen, then tap System Preferences and tap on the Trackpad command.
  • After that, click the Point & Click tab then check the Secondary Click option, then the two-finger click feature is enabled on the trackpad.
  • Next position the cursor in the selected image then touch the trackpad using two fingers so that the drop-down menu can be displayed.
  • Tap the Copy command and then access the location to paste the image and then tap the paste command.

2. Via Keyboard

If on Windows devices there is a control button that is used for various things, then on the MacBook there is a button that is Command. For its position or location is next to the space key, here are the steps to copy images with the keyboard.

  • Access the folder or file where the image is located, then press the image once.
  • After that, press and hold Command and then press the C key at the same time.
  • Next access the location where the image will be pasted into a file. Make sure to tap the file first.
  • then press Command again, but this time the follower key is the V key.

That’s the discussion about the method or how to copy on a MacBook which turns out to be slightly different from the method on Windows. Related to other basic things, users can learn it gradually to get smoother using a MacBook.

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