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How to Deal With a Waterlogged Macbook and Its Impact on Your Macbook

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Macbooks are very prone to damage when exposed to water. Water can damage the components inside the Macbook and make it unusable. Therefore, it is necessary to know the impact and how to deal with a Macbook exposed to water.

Water can easily be the thing that ruins your laptop. Even dirt like dust and hair can interfere with the laptop’s performance, let alone water. So, it’s a good idea to keep your Macbook away from liquid things, for example, water, milk, juice, etc.

However, it is important to know how to deal with a water-soaked Macbook if the device is already wet. You can do this yourself at first, but it’s best to take your Macbook to a service center if it’s still unusable.

Water Damage to Macbook

Liquids are very different depending on the type. There are water, tea, and coffee that are not too acidic so it is quite safe when exposed to these liquid objects. However, it’s different if your Macbook is exposed to juice or liquids with high acidity. Fluids differ depending on the type.

When your Macbook is exposed to liquids, the spills can get through the gaps and end up on the logic board. This is especially dangerous because metal components can rust. This will then cause damage to the component.

A Macbook exposed to water may be usable for a few days, but it will die within a few days. This is because the oxidized metal slowly creates rust in the machine. When the Macbook is charged, the rusting will damage other components.

How to Fix a Waterlogged Macbook

If the Macbook is already wet with water, it is necessary to do certain ways so that the Macbook is not damaged. Water is the fastest thing to flow into the logic board so that other components can be affected.

So, some checks need to be done before dealing with a water-soaked Macbook. For example, check the keyboard and touchpad and test the battery power. This is so that the owner can know if the liquid damaged important parts other than the logic board.

Once you’ve checked these parts, the next step is to try to deal with the spill. Here’s how to deal with a water-soaked Macbook:

  • The first way is to disconnect the charger and other connections. Electric current entering the Macbook can damage electrical components such as the battery and charger. So, no plugs connected to your Macbook should be exposed to water.
  • Then, the Macbook should be cleaned using a tissue or cloth. Wipes should be used by patting them onto the wet area. If you wipe the wet part or lift the laptop, it will make the water get into other components.
  • When a Macbook is exposed to water, it should be turned off immediately. It’s best to leave your Macbook off for 2 days after cleaning up the spill. This is to avoid errors and corrosion of the components exposed to the spill when the Macbook is used again.
  • When leaving your Macbook off for 2 days, you can try drying the spill by using a hairdryer or a warm study lamp. However, give it some space when using it as the heat can damage the Macbook as well.
  • If water spills onto the inside of the keyboard, you can flip the Macbook over to let the water out. Turn it over slowly and wait for the water to come out of the keyboard gap so that other components are not damaged.
  • The last way to deal with a Macbook that has been exposed to water is to take it to a service center especially if there are signs of damage to the Macbook components. By taking it to a service center, your Macbook can be properly handled by a professional.

Other Causes That Can Damage Your Macbook

In addition to being exposed to water, Macbooks can be damaged by other causes. Therefore, don’t let your Macbook get damaged due to lack of care in using it. Some of the causes that make Macbooks damaged include:

  • Macbook has been dropped or bumped so hard that a capacitor has fallen out.
  • Inadvertently exposed to or wet by a liquid spill.
  • Volatile electric current voltage due to using unauthorized accessories.

If your Macbook experiences any of the above, there is a possibility that the Macbook motherboard will be damaged. Motherboard damage can be seen from the following characteristics.

  • Macbook is completely dead.
  • Macbook does not display a blank screen when charging.
  • There is a bootloop.
  • Macbook not charging.
  • Macbook won’t turn on and show the display on the screen.

How to fix a Macbook that has been exposed to water is very easy to do. However, it’s a good idea to take your Macbook to a service center if it’s been exposed to a fair amount of water. In addition, it is necessary to avoid things that make the Macbook can be damaged.

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