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Advantages and How to Use DIALux Software, the Best Free Lighting Design Software

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For interior designers or spatial stylists, lighting design apps are essential. The best application on the market and free is DIALux. Here’s how to use DIALux Software, the best lighting design software.

Light styling is an important part of interior design. To find out what kind of lighting model is good in an enclosed or open space, a simulation is needed. To realize the simulation, a simulation application is made to help planning.

DIALux and its Advantages

Before learning how to use DIALux software, it is important to know what the DIALux application is, and what advantages it has. DIALux is a space lighting planner application released by a company called DIAL.

The DIAL company provides various services in the field of space lighting. The company develops software such as DIALux, develops space lighting technology, space lighting design, and others.

DIALux has many advantages that cause this software or application now has more than 700,000 active users. DIALux users vary from individuals to large interior design brands. Here are the advantages of DIALux that need to be highlighted:

1. Free with In-App Purchase

The biggest attraction of the DIALux app is that it is provided and distributed, free of charge. Users do not have to make any payments at all.

The funding for DIALux comes from lighting technology brands that can display their products on the app. So, DIALux is actually a software or application resulting from a collaboration between DIAL and other lighting technology brands.

In DIALux there are also paid pro features. Users can make in-app purchases if they wish to use these features. This feature is commonly used for professionals such as interior design companies.

2. Provides Real Lighting Technology in Collaboration with Lighting Technology Brands

As mentioned earlier, DIALux is a collaboration of lighting technology brands. It is therefore free to use.

With this collaboration, DIALux provides lighting items that actually exist and are sold by various brands. In this application, it is also possible to simulate or test how the product performs.

More interestingly, after being tested in the app, if it is suitable the user can easily make a purchase. This is certainly not the case with other space lighting design apps, which usually use fictional items.

These items are provided in 3D. DIALux also provides information about each product such as price, specifications, recommendations, etc..

3. Provides Many Features

The features provided by DIALux related to space lighting design are very diverse. DIALux can be used to plan the lighting of any space, be it indoor, outdoor, single room, single floor, up to complex buildings with many floors.

The items provided by DIALux are very complete. DIALux also provides a feature to import room plans from images created in other applications. Even designs can be created on top of screenshots taken from Google Maps.

How to use DIALux software

DIALux is basically a space lighting planner software. How to use DIALux software is by utilizing its functions and features as follows:

1. Space Lighting Design Indoor and Outdoor

DIALux can be used to plan lighting for both open and closed spaces. Closed spaces include office spaces, rooms in homes, rooms in malls, or rooms in shopping supermarkets.

But DIALux can also be used to plan outdoor lighting. Examples are parking lots, city streets, and children’s playgrounds. Users just need to upload a floor plan, and can add lighting items.

2. Near-Real Simulation with Artificial Light and Daylight

In the real world, there are certainly different conditions between night and day lighting. DIALux also provides simulations of both daylight with daylight, and night with artificial lighting.

Then DIALux can also provide simulations when the two are combined. This supports a more accurate design, as it is closer to the real situation on the ground.

3.Light Distribution

There is also a light distribution feature. This feature provides recommendations and information regarding the appropriate light distribution in the room being designed. In addition, there are also recommendations for lamp colors that match the vibe of the space being designed.

4. Design Presentation with Features Documentation

DIALux can also convert room lighting designs into a presentation file. This makes it easy for interior design brands to present plans to clients, or to anyone else who wants to see the designs.

Download DIALux Software

After knowing how to use DIALux Software through its many and interesting features, the next step is to download this software. The latest DIALux software can be downloaded on the official DIALux website which can be accessed through this link

The DIALux software is available for Windows and MacOS. It is also available for free with in-app purchases.

Such is the explanation of DIALux and how to use DIALux software through its interesting features and advantages. This application is highly recommended for use in planning accurate space lighting.

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