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Mac Os Catalina Review with Various Features!

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The Apple company recently launched its latest product, Mac Os Catalina Indonesia. The product is now being loved by many enthusiasts. So, there are also many who need Mac Os Catalina Indonesia review for now.

Many interesting and sophisticated features are presented by this product. In fact, it can be said that it may not exist in other similar products. Understandably, if many are eyeing Mac Os Catalina Indonesia since it was first launched.

Below will be presented a review of Mac Os Catalina Indonesia in terms of the features it presents. Let’s see the full review right away!

1. Apple Podcast Feature – Mac OS Catalina Indonesia Review

For the first, there is the Apple Podcast feature. Yep, in this product there is a feature to listen to podcasts of various types. No need to look for it hard, because various podcasts have been provided in it.

Very suitable for those who like to listen to a chat via podcast. In fact, podcasts can be searched by type or category. You can also see podcasts that are going viral at that time.

2. Dark Auto Mode Feature – Review of Mac OS Catalina Display

The next Mac Os Catalina Indonesia review is in terms of its display features. In this product there is a feature called Dark Auto Mode. Indeed, this feature is definitely present on every cellphone and laptop device.

However, in this product it is a little different. The reason is, this mode will work automatically. If during the day the mode will change to light. Meanwhile, at night the mode will change to dark by itself.

3. Reminders Feature – Advanced and Cool Notifications

In the next feature, there are Reminders. Actually, this feature already exists in previous Macbook products. However, for this time it has been updated to be even more sophisticated. In fact, the appearance is also cool and not simple anymore.

In this feature, users can create a daily task. All tasks will be well organized and neat. When the task arrives, usually this product will provide a notification to remind the task creator.

4. Apple TV Feature – Watch TV from Mac OS Catalina

There is also an excellent feature of Mac OS Catalina Indonesia called Apple TV. In this feature, users of this product can watch TV freely and freely. So, you can do tasks while watching your favorite movies only from this Mac OS Catalina.

In this feature, it can also be used to watch movies of various types. In fact, there is an option to search for movies by category or even by duration. So, it’s very easy to find movies as desired.

5. Apple Music Feature – Mac OS Catalina Music Review

For the next Mac Os Catalina Indonesia review, that is in terms of music. Yep, if previously there was iTunes to listen to music and so on. So, now there are special features for listening to a favorite music.

Nowadays, listening to music through Mac Os doesn’t need to be confused anymore. Because, you can listen directly from the Apple Music feature. In this feature, you can search for songs according to the wishes of the listener.

6. Screen Time Feature – Monitor Complete Activity

The next review is about a feature called Screen Time. An interesting feature that is definitely needed by many people. The reason is, in this feature you can see the usage history of this Mac Os Catalina Indonesia product.

All activities carried out on this product can be seen through this one feature. In fact, it can be used to see the length of use of each existing application. In addition, it can also be used to see the usage limit of each application.

7. Quick Time Player Feature – Mac OS Catalina Review

There is also a feature called Quicktime Player. This feature is perfect for those who like to watch videos. In fact, this feature can be used to watch videos while doing other activities in this sophisticated product.

So, while watching videos you can still do other activities. No need to close the video, because the video will still appear on the screen through this feature. Rarely does a product make this useful feature.

That’s the review of Mac Os Catalina Indonesia in terms of the features presented by the product. There are still many other advanced features presented by Mac Os Catalina Indonesia. However, the features above are some of its top features.

Currently, this product is being sought after by many people. Because, there are indeed many advanced features that do not exist in other similar products. In fact, there are some features that have been updated again to be more optimal.

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