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How to Block Software Using Windows Firewall [Updated]

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If the computer has problems with many viruses attacking, there is no need to worry. This is because how to block software using a windows firewall. Firewall is a setting on a computer with a globe logo and a red wall.

The function of a firewall for a computer as a security system that is used to protect computer devices from viruses, spam or other harmful things.

Usually the firewall will automatically activate when opening a game or other application and the firewall works to control access to the application that is opened.

How to Block Software Through Firewall

Most likely there are still many laptop / PC owners who don’t know how to block software using a Windows firewall. Even though blocking software with a firewall has many advantages.

One of the advantages is increasing security on laptop devices, avoiding virus attacks and others and saving more internet quota. Don’t worry, even though this method is manual, it will be easy to understand if you follow the rules below:

  • The first step is to open the laptop and enter the search page and type Firewall if you have found it, click Open to access it.
  • Next enter the Firewall page and pay attention to the left column, click “Inbound Rule” will open several options select “New Rule”.
  • Next, to block the software select “Rule type” then change to the “Programs” option then click Next to continue.
    Then a new page appears and select the “This Program Path” option then search for the application or software to be blocked in the browser search and click Next to continue.
  • A new page will appear and select “Block The Connection” then continue to click Next and check the Domain, Private and public options then click continue.
  • Previously name the rule as desired then click Finish to end it and block successfully.

The software program has been successfully blocked by the firewall, the steps are quite easy, right. However, the steps above only block the received connection for the sent connection has not been completed.

To block the outbound / sent part, you can do all the steps above, except point number 2. For point number 2, select Outbound Rule, right-click and select the New Rule option. If it has been done, it means that the software is completely blocked.

How to Test Software is Really Blocked

Knowing again that a firewall is useful for protecting the security of computer devices from virus attacks and external hazards. Make sure you have correctly blocked software that is not important and double-check.

Well, for those who are still in doubt about the results of blocking the previous software, you can check the correctness of the blocking results. This check is done through the task manager by doing the following steps:

  • The first step that needs to be done is to click the Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons simultaneously and will automatically enter the Microsoft Disk Operating System.
  • Next, select the task manager and enter through the laptop owner user.
  • Then open the software that has been set by the firewall and return to the Task manager window and open the Network section.
  • If so, make sure the internet strength shows 0 mbps and does not increase. If the internet speed does not increase, it means that the software was successfully blocked by the firewall.

This is how to test software that is blocked with the previous step successfully or not. If you have overcome it with the steps above, it will be easy to know the status of the blocked software.

So, How to Restore Blocked Software

Sometimes after blocking software, the question arises whether you can restore software that has been blocked? The answer is yes. So there is no need to worry for those who want the software back, because it takes just doing the following steps:

  • The first step is to open the laptop and enter the search page and type Firewall if you have found it, click Open to access it.
  • Next enter the Firewall page and pay attention to the left column click “Inbound Rule” will open.
  • Next, find the software in the “Inbound Rule” that you want to restore to the original.
  • Then click on the software you want to restore, click Delete.
  • Then do the previous steps repeated on the “Outbound Rule”.
  • Thus the blocking settings by the firewall will disappear and the software will be active again.

Thus how to restore software that was previously blocked by the firewall, it turns out that it can be restored as before. So there is no need to worry, if one day you need software that has been blocked, just do the method above.

That is the important explanation regarding how to block software using Windows firewall that can be done and can test the correctness of blocking software. In addition, software that has been blocked can be restored easily through the method above.

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