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How to Organize Folders on MacBook for Easy Access

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You must have experienced a messy folder that makes you dizzy looking for ways to tidy up the folders on your MacBook so you can easily find important files. Most people when doing something on a MacBook, do not pay attention to the arrangement of folders so that they accumulate irregularly.

This will make important files may be tucked away in other folders. It is possible to find files in the search field but it takes time, so it’s better to start doing the ways and tips below so that the folders on the MacBook are neat.

How to Tidy Up Macbook Folders So That They Are Not Confusing

First, after knowing that tidying up folders on a MacBook is important so that files are not stacked and mixed. Here are some ways to tidy up folders on a MacBook that you can try:

1. Create a New Folder

The first way to tidy up folders can be by creating a new or empty folder so that important files can be included. Here are the steps to create a new folder for those who don’t know:

  • Open your MacBook and find theFinder icon then click and will be directed to create a folder in the desired place.
  • You can also create a folder on the desktop to make it easier to find the file later.
  • Next select the drag file to the new folder or Shift-Command-N.
  • Finally give the new folder a name and click return.

2. Moving Files or Items to Folders

Furthermore, the second way to tidy up the folder can be by moving important files to a new folder. Here are the steps that need to be done:

  • Just like the previous entry to the Finder icon on the MacBook.
  • Then select the steps below that you want to do.
  • If you want to put an item into a folder just drag it, if several items select all and drag one then it will automatically move to the folder.
  • If you want to complete the item, you can select the item and file then click the D command.
  • If you want to copy a file to a different disk drag the file to the disk.

3. Grouping Multiple Files into One Folder

Next, divide the files that are still mixed up so that they can be neatly organized into important file types or not. Grouping will speed up file searches, here are the steps:

  • First select all the files to be grouped and click one of the files and select create new folder.
  • Create a folder in the Finder window or MacBook desktop.
  • Next, enter the folder name as desired and click return.

4. Merge Two Types of Folders with the Same Name.

The last way to make folders on a MacBook visible but can also combine folders that have the same name to free up display space. The following steps can be done.

  • First select which folders to merge then hold down the option key and move the folder to the folder that has the same name and click merge.
  • Please note that the merge option will appear when the item in the folder does not already exist in another folder. If the files cannot be merged then select the stop or replace option.

So that’s a way that can be done to tidy up files on a MacBook to make it beautiful to look at and make it easier to find files. After knowing how to tidy up, it’s time to know the tips for tidying up folders.

Tips to Keep MacBook Folders Neat

Furthermore, after knowing how to tidy up folders on a MacBook there needs to be tips for storing files to keep them neat in the folder. Here are tips to keep your MacBook neat even though there are many files in it.

  • Pay attention to the folder structure. Create folders according to the category of file content and make sure not to exceed 2 levels.
  • Give a descriptive folder name. Furthermore, give a name that is easy to remember when searching.
  • File Level Section Through Labels. This is one of the important MacBook finder benefits, which is labeling files. By giving a label, you will know how important the file is by right-clicking and selecting the color according to the file level.
  • Delete unused files. To make it easy to tidy up files, you should delete a collection of files that are no longer important.
  • Prioritize Displaying important folders on the Desktop. Make sure to display only important or current folders on the desktop to keep it tidy.
  • Charge Applications in the Dock. Dock is a place for applications that are used in MacBook. Make sure to display only those applications that are actively used. To remove unused applications simply pull out the application until it appears as soon as possible.
  • Avoid running junk applications. Junk applications are usually applications that are not important and when MacBook is active run themselves.

Thus an important explanation of tips and how to tidy up Folders on MacBook so that it looks neat. In addition there are tips on tidying up folders, which are also used to speed up access to MacBook work.

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