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5 Ways to Solve WinRAR Diagnostic Messages Easily

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How to solve WinRAR Diagnostic Messages that are experiencing problems? Usually, the problem that arises is that it cannot be opened. The problem can be caused by the application itself. Therefore, people are often confused about how to open it.

No need to worry, because here will be given a little review of the understanding, functions, and how to solve these problems. For those who don’t know about WinRAR, see this article until the end.

What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is one of the operating systems or software in Windows that is tasked with archiving various kinds of files. By using this software called WinRAR, users can create and view archived files in the form of RAR/ZIP format.

Generally, WinRAR is known as one of the easiest compression software because with WinRAR, users can archive many files into one. Of course, using WinRAR will greatly facilitate users in storing large amounts of files.

Not only the Windows operating system supports WinRAR, but also MacOS, Linux, and others. In fact, WinRAR is also available in the android version which is named RAR. Although originally WinRAR is a Windows-only program.

Even this WinRAR also has several important functions besides just archiving files. What are the functions?

  • WinRAR helps in reducing the size of files which are then saved as archives. By using WinRAR, the size to be reduced can drop up to 50% of the original size. So with this, it can save storage space.
  • Helps in speeding up file delivery. When you want to send a file, if the size is small, the delivery will automatically be faster. Whether it’s the original file or a copy.
  • WinRAR supports various compression formats, of which there are currently various compression sites. But by using WinRAR, users no longer need to bother compressing their files.
  • An important function of WinRAR is to secure files from virus attacks. There are often problems that the stored files are affected by viruses, but it can be ensured that they are safe when using WinRAR.

How to Solve WinRAR Diagnostic Messages?

There are various ways to overcome WinRAR Diagnostic Messages that can be done. What are the ways? Here is the full explanation:

1.  By Updating the WinRAR Version

The first way to solve the problem is to update WinRAR to the latest version. Usually, files saved using WinRAR are the latest files, while the software installed is old. So it is necessary to update it.

If the software is not the same version as the file, then the file will be difficult to open or have problems. The WinRAR software on the device will not be able to extract the file.

Problems often occur if the archived file was saved with version 5, then when opening it with version 4 it cannot. So to open it, you must use the same or a newer version.

2. By Ignoring the Error That Occurs

The second way that can be used to overcome WinRAR Diagnostic Messages is to ignore the errors that occur in the file. Usually, if there is a missing or unreadable file element, it will cause the rar file to corrupt.

There are various ways to solve the problem, one of which is to extract the file first. First, right-click the RAR file and then select Extract File. After the dialog appears, check Keep Broken Files and click OK.

3. By Repairing

The next way to solve WinRAR Diagnostic Messages is to repair the software. There is a possibility that WinRAR cannot be extracted due to corrupt items. In addition, it can also be due to incorrect labeling or placement.

Therefore, to overcome this problem, you can try to repair it. Once repaired, the file will be accessible again.

4. By Re-downloading the Application

Often, downloaded archive files are corrupt, so it is certain that the file will not be able to be opened or used. There are several reasons why this can happen, such as an unstable internet connection.

Not only that, these problems can also occur due to frequent pauses in file resumes, changing servers, and others. So immediately do a re-download of the application.

5. With Rar Recovery Toolbox

The last way to solve WinRAR Diagnostic Messages is to use the help of third-party applications. The application is called Rar Recovery Toolbox. This application is able to help repair damage to various kinds of files, one of which is RAR that is corrupt.

Thus the discussion on how to overcome WinRAR Diagnostic Messages which will certainly make it easier to archive data. By using this software, heavy work will become light because there is no need to bother sending files one by one.

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