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4 Ways to Fix WinRAR that Won’t Extract

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Have you ever experienced files with the WinRAR extension experiencing interference or errors, and don’t know how? Then there is no need to worry because, this article will provide a tutorial on how to fix winrar that cannot be extracted as usual.

Actually, the cause of WinRAR cannot be extracted is due to various factors. But the main cause of files that cannot be extracted is the presence of viruses and the file download process that is not stable and perfect.

Types of Corrupt in WinRAR

Before discussing further about how to fix winrar, users should know several types of problem messages that WinRAR has. Namely the types of messages that usually appear when extracting files in WinRAR, as follows:

  • Archive is Damaged. This type of RAR file damage is the most common. The causes are very diverse, such as when downloading files the internet connection is unstable or fails when the user creates files in the RAR etc.
  • Main Header is Found Corrupt. When this message appears, there is damage to the header file. The header file itself is important data and functions for the PC to access the RAR archive file and has been compressed.
  • Unexpected End of Archive. This type of damage is often encountered by users when downloading RAR files via a browser, but the RAR is not perfect due to problems such as unstable internet connections etc.

How to Fix WinRAR that Cannot be Extracted

If users experience problems with RAR files that cannot be extracted, do not rush to re-download. But it would be nice to try to fix it first, here is how to solve it:

1. Use the Keep Broken File Feature

Users can extract RAR files that are damaged by using the keep broken file feature. This feature makes it possible for users to continue to extract files even though there is damage in the file, here are the steps:

  • The first step is to find a RAR file that cannot be extracted or is damaged.
  • Then please right-click the user then select the Extract Files option.
  • If it is complete, a box for the Extraction Path and Options dialog will appear, in the dialog box, please check Keep Broken Files in the Miscellaneous column.
  • Then click the OK option to start extracting files in RAR.
  • Done.

2. Use the Repair Archive Feature

Repair archive is a built-in feature of WinRar software that functions to repair archives in RAR. In addition, this method is quite recommended and users can try, here are the steps:

  • The first step is to open the Rar file by double clicking on the file.
  • If it is finished, then the user selects Repair Archive.
  • Next, please wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  • If the repair process is complete, then please try to extract the file.

3. Turn off Antivirus

Generally, this antivirus has a function to delete all files that are suspected by computer devices. So it is very influential when users extract RAR files such as files will be deleted automatically when extracting, here are the steps:

  • First the user can press the Windows button then please open the Windows Security program.
    Next, please click the Virus & Threat Protection menu.
  • Then users find the Virus & Threat Protection Settings column then users click the Manage Settings option.
    Finally, please swipe to the left to turn off Real-Time Protection.
  • Done. If the antivirus has been turned off, then the user can try to extract the file that is experiencing the disturbance.

4. Extract with 7Zip Application

If the above method still shows an error message, then users can try to extract through the 7zip application. This 7zip application is a file compression application, one of which is WinRAR.

It’s just that WinRAR is more focused on RAR file types, while this application is more focused on ZIP file types. Even though it has differences, this application can be used as a solution to repair damaged RAR files, here are the steps:

  • First download the 7Zip application first through the official website.
  • Then log in like an application in general.
  • If so, please search for RAR files that cannot be extracted.
  • Then swipe to the right of the file, then point to the next 7Zip application and press Extract Here.
  • That way RAR files that cannot be extracted will be extracted through this folder.
  • Done

That’s how to fix winrar that can’t be extracted, but please note this method is not one hundred percent accurate. Because if the file is really damaged, the RAR software is still inaccessible, you have to reinstall it.

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