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How to Enter Macbook Pro Recovery Mode in 2 Steps

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In addition to knowing how to use the device, users should also know how to enter Macbook Pro Recovery Mode because it is equally important. The flat object made by Apple does have various types of Macbooks and different operating systems.

So it is clear that there are not a few ordinary Macbook users who do not understand the performance of the Macbook Pro and how to solve it. For this reason, the following explanation will be given regarding the introduction of Recovery Mode and how to enter it on the Macbook Pro.

Getting to know Macbook Pro Recovery Mode

The existence of this term is generally the same as Recovery Mode in general and not only on Macbook Pro devices. This feature is a service provided to help with problems on the device.

Included in the Macbook Pro device which is a contemporary device but also a little risky with the occurrence of an obstacle. That’s why Recovery Mode on this device is very important and useful and all users should know how to use it.

Actually on some Macbook devices, this feature has been active by itself since the device was first used. However, for the Macbook Pro itself, special enforcement is carried out considering that many users find automatic activation a little annoying.

Macbook Pro Recovery Mode Function

Before knowing how to enter Recovery Mode Macbook Pro, of course, you also have to know in advance what its functions are. This is so that users know that using Recovery Mode is very good for the health of the device being used.

1. Removing Boot Drive

The existence of a boot drive will be a problem in itself because the type of virus will spread and affect system performance if left unchecked. In this case, Recovery Mode will remove the boot drive which has the potential to provide excessive constraints for the device.

2. Reinstalling the Device

Macbook Pro is known as a device that always requires installation on the system and is visible in the notification. With Recovery Mode active, the device will reinstall automatically when the device is on.

3. Repair Some Applications

Who would have thought that applications could also be damaged either because of a virus or because the date of the application has expired. This feature will repair the application so that the system that works in it can still be used.

4. Repair Extract Files

Damage can also occur to files referred to as extract files and is usually due to things like storage errors. Users can enter Recovery Mode and repair the file so that it can be detected by the Macbook system.

How to Enter Macbook Pro Recovery Mode

After getting to know what a feature called Recovery Mode is and what it does, users can find out how to enter it. Because as is known if this service is not an application that is easily found on the device.

1. Through the Command Button

Macbook Pro has one of the special buttons called Command which is not owned by users of other devices including Windows. This is one of the many function buttons that are used in combination with pressure on other buttons.

Likewise, Recovery Mode can be entered using this secret feature which is widely recommended in other sources of information. Take the following steps to enter Recovery Mode using the following easy way:

  • Prepare the device that has been previously turned on for at least five minutes.
  • Press the ‘Command’ and ‘R’ buttons for some time and the Apple logo appears on the device screen.
  • Select the ‘Timing’ option.
  • Click on ‘Recovery Mode’.
  • Done. The user can customize the next work order accordingly.

2. Via Power Button

This recovery mode can also be done using the power button which is usually used to turn on the device. In using it, it should be noted if the user does not need to turn on the device first or the device is off.

Because in fact just like the Command button, the power button also has many functions besides just turning on the device. Users can take the following steps to enter Recovery Mode via the power button as follows:

  • Prepare the device that is off.
  • Press the power button for a while until the words ‘Loading Boot Options’ appear.
  • Input the device username and password.
  • Click ‘Ok’.
  • Done. The user has entered the Recovery Mode available on the Macbook Pro.

This is an explanation of what and how to enter the correct Macbook Pro Recovery Mode so that users don’t take the wrong step. Also make sure that each step given can be done carefully so that no damage to the device occurs.

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