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4 Ways to Live IG on Macbook The Easiest Way [Latest Update]

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Can be played on many devices, Instagram users also find out how to live IG on Macbook because it is considered more convenient. The reason is of course different between live using a laptop and just using a cellphone.

Basically, through a Macbook, you can’t do live, only access from the application to see photos uploaded by friends. However, with some recommendations that can be used below, it can be utilized to broadcast live.

How to Live IG on MacBook through Third-Party Apps

The application developers of course also become the solution of how to live IG on Macbook so that users can download it. The following series of applications have been confirmed legality so that users do not need to hesitate to download them.

1. Yellow Duck TV

Although it is still an application that will definitely be very unfamiliar to users, this application is official. It is proven when users can get this application by simply downloading it directly on the official website in the browser.

Because even though it is a helper or third party application, this application still connects to Instagram specifically. Take the following steps if users want to utilize Yellow Duck TV to go live on an Instagram account:

  • Prepare a device that is connected to a stable internet network connection.
  • Enter the Yellow Duck TV app and select ‘Instagram’ in the app options to be connected.
  • Login using the username and password of the user account.
  • Click ‘Start’.
  • Done. Users can do live Instagram just like when playing it on a normal cell phone.

2. Open Broadcast Software

Despite the emergence of sophisticated tools such as data cables that can be purchased in some electronic devices, the application is still widely downloaded. Its usefulness is also very good which can be seen from the many good reviews given by users.

What’s interesting is that this application, commonly called OBS, can not only be used on Macbooks, but also on Windows. Users can utilize this application by performing several steps described in the following description:

  • Set up the device.
  • Enter the application.
  • Click on ‘Developer Mode’.
  • Select the ‘Mac OS’ option.
  • Click on ‘Instagram Exe’.
  • Select ‘Choose Command Line’.
  • Input the username and password of your existing Instagram account.
  • Click ‘Ok’.
  • Enter in the selection box and type ‘Instagram Live PHP Master’ then press ‘Enter’.
  • Done. Later the system will immediately direct entry to the Instagram account and can immediately broadcast directly there.

How to Live IG on MacBook via Site Visit

How to live IG on the next Macbook is through the use of any browser available on the device. Some recommendations from the following sites that can be found will be given, where the page can be saved in Bookmarks.

1. InstaFeed

One of the sites that has many functions is InstaFeed which is specifically made to be a solution to the problems of Instagram users. This site has been around for a long time and immediately skyrocketed to become very popular after many people learned about its functions.

Not only for live broadcasting, through this site users can also upload feeds in the form of photos or videos. Where this activity will not be possible if you do not use this popular site.

2. WireCast

This site is no less popular when WireCast provides a solution for several applications that cannot live if using a laptop. What’s interesting is that it’s not only for Instagram but also for live apps like Facebook.

Although it is still included in the new site, it has been able to attract the interest of many Macbook users themselves. For users who are still unfamiliar with the presence of this site then can follow the following steps easily:

  • Prepare a device that is connected to the internet network.
  • Enter the browser available on the device.
  • Type WireCast site in the search field to access.
  • Input the email address that is connected to Google as a verification step that the user is the original owner of the account.
  • Select ‘Application Type’.
  • Click on ‘Instagram’.
  • Log in using the account that the user has.
  • Done. The display will follow like a page on a cellphone so that users can easily use it to broadcast live.

Thus the explanation related to how to live IG on Macbook that can be known by users of the flat-shaped device. Because it is one of the heavy applications, make sure if the storage space on the device is sufficient.

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