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Mac OS High Sierra Specifications and Features [Latest Update]

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Mac OS High sierra specifications are now quite very attractive to users with a variety of feature updates. The fourteenth release from the Apple brand is Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra.

Mac OS is one of the Operating systems from the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that has been marketed by the Apple brand. Apple’s own Mac OS has gone through many updates from the previous Mac OS, and has other advantages.

A Brief History of Mac OS High Sierra

Released on September 25, 2017, which has a name taken from the Sierra Nevada mountains and is named High Sierra. Mac OS High Sierra which has now become a Mac Operating system is currently much sought after.

By having various improvements from previous versions and upgraded with various performance improvements. Having many advanced features found in this Mac OS is the main attraction.

Minimum Specifications Available on Mac OS High Sierra and its Conditions

Has 2GB of Ram with 14.3 GB Free Space Storage and Intel Core i5, i7, Xeon X86-64 CPU processor. In order to use this Mac OS it is recommended to have an Apple computer using X Mountain Lion.

Updates can be downloaded for free through the App Store directly and free of charge. For qualifications on RAM itself if you want to be really smooth then it is recommended to have a RAM capacity of 4GB.

In Mac OS High Sierra has certain provisions that have several different specifications. Namely as below:

1. HEVC Support

The first requirement is the specifications on an Apple computer or Apple Laptop that are supported by HEVC. By having one of the following minimum conditions:

  • iMac Late 2015 27″.
  • MacBook Early 2016.
  • MacBook Pro Late 2016.
  • iMac Mid 2017 21.5.
  • iMac Pro.

2. Support External GPU

Has provisions that exist on Apple computers or apple laptops that do support External GPU via Thunderbolt. By having one of the following minimum qualifications:

  • iMac Pro.
  • MacBook Pro late 2016.
  • iMac Mid 2007.

The Latest Features that Must Be Tried!

After the explanation of the Mac OS High sierra specifications above, the next is an explanation of the latest features of the Mac OS. Mac OS High Sierra has some key features that are very attractive to users, here are some of the features:

1. APFS Speed

This first feature is about the speed of APFS, the APFS system that replaces the old HFS+ system. APFS is now equipped with features such as crash-safe protection and also built-in encryption features.

2. Pro Editor in Photo

This feature in the photo application is also one of the things that was overhauled by Apple’s High Sierra which updated several features. This feature helps facilitate navigation and with photo editing tools that are made more powerful.

3. Play H.265 Video

The next feature is being able to play videos with a HEVC compression that has a file size up to 40% smaller. Although the file size is 40% smaller, it also has the same image quality as good quality.

This makes the process of streaming smoother with a small file size and good video quality. But it will also not make storage wasteful when stored so that it saves internet quota.

4. Metal 2 and VR Support

High Sierra which has been claimed to be able to increase performance 10 times more compared to the performance of the previous version. Metal 2 which can be used for machine learning, natural language processing or computer vision.

5. Maintain User Privacy

The next feature is the safari feature which is more protective and aware of user privacy. Safari will detect some sites that might automatically play a video that might disturb users.

6. Synchronize iMessage via iCloud

The next feature is about iMessage Synchronization via iCloud this means that a message received will appear on Mac OS. So that a message received or entered will be stored in iCloud less save a Mac storage.

Well that’s a little explanation of the Mac OS High sierra specifications just released by Apple which is now stealing the attention of users. And some of the features possessed by Mac OS High Sierra that can help the activities of its users.

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