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How to Reset Your Macbook Pro Like New in 3 Different Ways

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For those who experience MacBook problems or feel slow and want to restore MacBook back to factory settings but don’t know how. Then there is no need to worry, because how to reset the macbook pro like new again can be done easily.

Actually, every device is equipped with features, one of which is the research feature that serves to restore the MacBook back to its original settings. In addition, it also serves to solve problems when the MacBook experiences interference or errors.

How to Reset MacBook Pro Like New

To reset the MacBook itself is actually different from computers in general. So it is very possible for users to feel confused when going to download their MacBook again, for more information, see how to reset a MacBook below:

1. Resetting System Settings (PRAM)

When users experience problems when turning on the computer, such as the display that often occurs strangely when turned on. Then users can do research on RAPM.

RAPM itself is a small capacity memory and is commonly used for system settings. In addition, RAPM is also a fairly fast way to solve these problems, now here are the steps:

  • First of all, users can do research by turning off their MacBook through the Apple menu or can press the power button, then hold it for a few minutes.
  • Furthermore, users can also turn off their MacBook by pressing the power button simultaneously with the cmd button, opt, then the P and R buttons simultaneously.
  • The next step is to hold down the four buttons and wait until you hear the sound of the MacBook turning on. Then check the settings.

2. Resetting the Battery

The way to reset the MacBook so that it returns like new again is to reset the battery. If the user doesn’t know it yet then check out some of the steps below:

  • The first step that can be done is to try to check the battery, whether the battery is an added battery or not. If not then try to remove it and then attach it back.
  • Then check the SMC or stands for management controller in order to regulate the fan and power settings on the MacBook. Then resetting the MacBook is one way to fix damage and problems with the battery.
  • Next press the power button and please wait a few minutes to release the electricity that is still there.
  • If you have reinstalled the battery, then press the power button again to turn it on again.

3. Factory Reset

If the previous method does not work then this last method can be used as an alternative. However, if utilizing this last method can delete the data stored on the MacBook, here are the steps:

  • Before doing a reset it would be nice for users to save the data stored on the back up first.
  • The next step users can restart their MacBook by pressing the R and cmd keys and holding for a few minutes.
  • Next, users just select recovery HD.
  • Then users can select disk utility.
  • Then click the erase button to perform the deletion.
  • If so, then close the utility disk again.
  • After that the installation process will begin, so wait a few minutes until the process is successful.

What to Do Before Resetting a MacBook?

Before doing research, it would be nice to save the data stored on the back up so that the data you have is not lost. Some things that need to be prepared before doing research are as follows:

  • What users need to prepare is backing up or creating a backup so that important files are still protected. Because if the user does not save it first all data will be lost when the research process is complete.
  • The first step is for users to exit iTunes first. Then select account, continue with authorizations, then deauthurize this computer. But if the user uses the latest macaos catalina, then it can skip it.
  • Then the user exits iCloud by clicking the Apple menu, then please open the next system, by clicking Apple ID.
    If it’s done, then select and click iCloud using the panel on the side and turn off find my Mac, next users select and click overview then click the song out option.
  • Then open the messages application and open preferences, then click sign out and iMessage.
  • Then open the Apple menu by pressing the system to connect the mic and bluetooth device.
  • If so, users can uplair the keyboard, then users can also fix bluetooth problems through Windows with enabled peripherals.

Thus the explanation of how to reset the macbook pro like new again and can be applied easily. That way users don’t need to worry anymore, when their MacBook experiences interference or problems, because it will be resolved by following the steps above.

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