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3 Ways to Solve Corel Illegal Software Easily and Practically

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Corel Draw software users must often get corel illegal software notifications. Usually the notification will appear if the device used is a free version. However, take it easy because there are ways to overcome corel illegal software easily.

Corel illegal software notifications will appear on some paid features. Usually this notification will not appear if you use the paid version of Corel Draw. Because, for paid ones it is definitely legal.

Here will be given a way to overcome if a corel illegal software notification appears simply and easily. Let’s just pay attention to the easy way below:

1. Through Windows Firewall

For the first way, that can be through Windows Firewall. Many use this one way to overcome corel illegal software effectively. To use this method, you can see the tutorial below:

  • Make sure the device is not connected to the internet first.
  • Then don’t forget to turn off all anti-virus activities on the device.
  • Then if you have opened the “Start” menu then select the “Control Panel” option again.
  • Next, you can select the “System And Security” menu again and can continue by selecting the “Windows Firewall” option.
  • After that, activate the option by selecting the “Change Notification Settings” menu.
  • If it is active, you can immediately select the “Advanced Settings” option again then select “Outbound Rules” and can continue by selecting “New Rules”.
  • Then you can again select the “Program” menu then “Next” and look for the appropriate installation location.
  • For the next one, enter the “Connect64” folder then select the “Connect” option then “Open”.
  • After that, follow the instructions and can choose the “Block The Connection” option again and don’t forget to fill in the program name too.
  • Next, the “Connect” menu will appear then select “Block” again.
  • Then repeat the “New Rules” command again then “Program” and select the “DIM” menu.
  • In the “DIM” change its name according to the name of the program earlier.
  • If so, just click the “Finish” menu to finish.

2. Through Firewall App Blocker

The next way to overcome Corel illegal software is through an application. The name of the application is Firewall App Blocker. Many also use this application, because it feels more practical. Here’s how to use it:

  • First download Firewall App Blocker on the official website of the application.
  • Then turn off the internet connection from the device used and don’t forget to turn off the device’s anti-virus application as well.
  • After that extract the downloaded application, open the application and select the “Run As Administrator” menu then select the “Yes” menu again.
  • Next, select the menu with the “+” image which is usually at the top of the left.
  • Then select the software with the form “Exe” and open it by selecting the “Open” menu.
  • Then the application will automatically be blocked by Windows Firewall.
  • Then reopen the application and turn on the internet connection again to use the application.

3. Through the Host File

In the next way to overcome Corel illegal software, you can use an application called File Host. There are also those who use this application to easily overcome Corel illegal software. Here’s a tutorial for using this application:

  • As usual, first download the File Host application on the application’s official website.
  • Then after downloading and installing, go to the menu “Local Disk C.”
  • In that menu, select the “Windows” menu again then “System32” then “Drivers” and can be continued by selecting the “Etc.” menu.
  • Then in the Host File application, click on the right side and select the “Host” menu and then select the “Notepad” menu again.
  • After that a new display will appear containing a code, copy the code.
  • Then paste the code into the new “Notepad” window in File Host.
  • Then save the result by clicking the “Save As” menu then “Save.”
  • Then close all existing views and change the name of the copied code.
  • Don’t forget to remove the word “.txt” which is usually behind the Host File name.
  • Next, save it to the “Local Disk C” location as in the first storage.

Those are various ways to overcome Corel illegal software using various practical techniques. If you experience problems like this, then just use the tutorial above. Of course it is very easy to do and usually the problem will be resolved quickly.

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