cara membuka winrar yang dipassword tanpa software

How to Open Passworded WinRAR Without Additional Software Apps

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Using passwords is necessary to protect files and folders, but sometimes it makes users feel complicated if they enter passwords too often. How to open a passworded winRAR without additional software and applications can be done easily.

Any data stored in the form of this file, it is very possible to be secured through a password or keyword. But if the user forgets the password on the file, then look at some of the reasons below:

What is WinRAR?

Winrar itself is software that is commonly used to store files on a computer. This file can be used as an option because this software offers various advantages that are not owned by software in general.

Indeed, this software is a file format or software that can be used to unite several files into one. Furthermore, the file will be compressed so that the space in storage is greatly saved.

It looks like users should be grateful to the creator of this WinRAR software named Eugene Roshal. Because this software has very useful advantages.

WinRAR can compensate files up to 40%, when users have files that are 100 MB in size. Next, compressed using this software, the file size will only be 60 MB so that it will save space.

Unlocking WinRAR Password

Actually, this file protection or protection action is with the aim that the security of this file is maintained and random people will not be able to open the file. Moreover, the file is very important.

So with this password or password to minimize the possibility of unwanted bad things. So that users don’t need to worry anymore, but if the user forgets the password, it will make the user anxious.

Because users will not be able to access the files in the RAR software again as long as the password entered is not valid. But there is a way to overcome it, for further follow the steps below:

How to Open WinRAR Password

The following is how to open winRAR that is passworded without software and will be explained step by step. For further follow the steps below:

  • First, please open the location of the RAR file. For example, data E or data D. But if you want the process to run faster, don’t access it using a flashdisk or external hard drive.
  • Next, type notepad to open notepad, through the search field that is already available on the taskbar, but if the user already has notepad on a PC or laptop then just open it.
  • Then, please open the user copy script as follows: or you can also open
  • When finished, copy it and then paste it into the notepad that was previously accessed.
  • Next, users can click the file menu then save with the .bat extension.
  • In addition, users can also save documents or files by utilizing CTRL + S.
  • When finished, close the notepad, then the password data will automatically be stored on the laptop.
  • Next, please click the right file to save. Then select the run as administrator menu.
  • The file name column is used to enter the file name, then attach the RAR format to the back of the file name.
  • Then the user presses enter.
  • When finished, then enter the directory location that the user gets from the RAR.
  • Then click the file on the right, then select the properties menu.
  • Then in the location section, please copy or copy the file directory.
  • In addition, users can also copy the directory via “Enter Full Path”, then users press enter.
  • To track this password it takes a few minutes, and later the password will automatically appear in the stable password column.
  • Finally, please access the file, by entering the password that has been obtained.

Advantages of WinRAR

WinRAR has other advantages, one of which can send large amounts of data at one time into one shipping file. Unlike ordinary folders, users have to send data one by one and take a lot of time of course.

In folders can, files can only be sent from one by one, as well as the recipient can only download one by one from the file. But with this electronic mail service provider, it can offer options for downloading.

Namely in the form of RAR or ZIP files which are used to send email attachments in large quantities. Furthermore, users only need to access it via a laptop and then extract it, besides that users can also extract using ZIP and RAR via a smartphone.

This RAR file actually consists of two types, namely files that are protected with a password or files that are free of passwords. Both of these files can be accessed through a laptop or PC.

If the user has a RAR file extraction program, then the user can directly open the contents of the data. However, if the RAR software is password protected, the user must enter the key first before extracting it.

So that makes it a problem if the user forgets the password. Which is due to the large number of RAR files that have been downloaded. Or it could be, the user forgot the password.

That’s how to open a passworded winRAR without software which is explained step by step. However, it must be accessed online, and the speed of hacking this password is quite different depending on the performance of the user’s laptop.

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