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8 Apps to Edit Photo Into Cartoons Anime

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Nowadays, animation from the land of Sakura or often called anime is not just an entertainment show. But it has influenced some human lifestyles. One of them is in terms of technology, this is evidenced by the existence of photo editing applications so anime cartoons.

Although the PlayStore has a wide selection of photo editing applications, unfortunately not all have the feature of changing photos into the anime version. Therefore for lovers of animation from this cherry country, here is a list of photo editing applications that can be used.

1. Meitu

A photo editing app that users can use to create anime-style photos is Meitu. This Chinese application has been launched long enough, so some users must be familiar with it. Moreover, Meitu is able to present a large selection of interesting features.

Not only converting photos into anime versions, users can also find various filters and effects that will make photos more unique.

Moreover, Meitu is equipped with AI technology that will make the editing process fast. Not stopping there, Meitu also has retouch body features. That way, users can produce photos perfectly as desired. Not surprisingly, this photo editing application has been downloaded by more than 50 million users.

2. Everfilter

Users who want to turn photos into Japanese animation, then the photo editing application so anime cartoons called Everfilter is the answer. This photo editing application created by TopBuzz is among the best applications.

Moreover, Everfilter is also able to turn landscape photos into anime. Only with an application capacity that does not exceed 8 MB, users can already have a photo editing application that can turn photos into anime-style models.

Even so, Everfilter has been equipped with AI features in the editing process and makes the process fast. Unfortunately, this photo editing application so anime cartoons called Everfilter is not available on the PlayStore. So if you want to enjoy all the features available in this application, users need to download it on an online site. One site that can be used is APKPure.

3. Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

Not just to turn photos into anime, but this Prisma photo editing application has many filters and effects. So that users can not only turn photos into anime.

But it can make the photos they have become more interesting and unique. In addition, this photo editing application so anime cartoons called Prisma has also been equipped with editing features with the AI system.

With this editing feature, it allows users to get fast but smooth and even photo edits. To edit photos using the Prisma app is quite easy. Users only need to select and combine the available effects and filters so as to produce the desired photo. With all the charm that the Prisma app provides, it’s no wonder that this app has a rating of 4.7.

4. GoArt

The next anime cartoon photo editing application reference that users can use is GoArt. This application was launched by a developer named Everimaging Ltd. Just like the Prisma application, in this GoArt, users also only need to select effects to turn photos into anime.

To add an anime-like kawaii impression, users can add stickers available in this application. GoArt has also inserted an AI feature.

So that users can turn their photos into anime or other artwork very easily. Although not as popular as Prisma, in fact GoArt has been downloaded by more than 900 thousand users with a 4.5 star rating. In addition, in terms of size, GoArt only requires a storage capacity of 83 MB. This is quite light for a photo editing application.

5. Snow

The next photo editing application that allows users to turn photos into anime cartoons is Snow. The application has been widely used by photographers to add an interesting impression to photo shots.

Of course this cannot be separated from the features embedded in the Snow application. This Snow application has a wide selection of filters and effects, including filters that create the impression of being an anime cartoon. Even on anime filters there are several special options to choose from.

This allows users to more freely create the impression of anime on photos Users can also add text and various stickers using this Snow application. For new users, there is no need to worry, because Snow has a simple user interface. Not surprisingly, this photo editing application has been downloaded more than 100 million.

6. MomentCam Cartoon & Sticker

This application created by Eureka Studio developers from Sakura country has a slightly more unique feature than other applications.

Because it can not only turn photos into Anime cartoons, but also make them into caricatures. Moreover, the editing results are also quite neat. Users only need to enter photos that they want to turn into anime cartoons or caricatures into this MomentCam application. And just choose the filters provided until the photo turns into the desired cartoon version.

Very easy to do, right?

The MomentCam application has been downloaded over 500 million with a star rating of 4.2 on the PlayStore platform. Of course this already explains how the photo editing capabilities on this one application. But unfortunately to enjoy all the features, users need to subscribe first.

7. ToonArt: Cartoon Photo Editor

This photo editing application created by Lyrebird Studio can also be used to make photos into anime cartoons. In addition to anime cartoon filters, users can still find other filters no less interesting in the ToonArt application. Examples of other filters are sketches, caricatures and paintings.

Even just by using this ToonArt application, users can do various kinds of photo editing. Such as adding text, stickers to unite several photos into one with the collage feature.

It doesn’t stop there, ToonArt also has a beautification feature that will enhance the photos of its users. With all the features on ToonArt, it’s no wonder that this application has already earned 10 million users even though it has only been released for one year. Although this anime cartoon photo editing application is classified as paid, ToonArt has a star rating of 4.5 on the PlayStore.

8. PicsArt

Quite popular and is a photo editing application from developer Picsart, Inc which has an application of the same name. Picsart is one of the leading applications used by some users to turn ordinary photos into Japanese anime-style cartoons.

Although to enjoy all the features available on PicsArt, users need a subscription. But the features available in the free version are still relatively complete for editing photos. So, even if you don’t subscribe to Picsart, it can still help users to create interesting photos.

That was a reference to the best anime cartoon photo editing application. By using one of the photo editing applications above, users can create Japanese anime cartoon-style photos easily. Of course the existence of applications such as photo editing is very helpful for Wibu.

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