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10 Apps to Edit Photo Into Faceless Cartoon: Coolest & Easiest

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Currently, there are more and more photo editing applications that are in demand, such as photo editing applications so that they become faceless cartoons.

Most enthusiasts of these applications are social media users who want to have unique and different photos. The goal is to make photo uploads on social media accounts look more interesting.

Photo editing trends are now not only limited to brightness or effect settings, but have penetrated into other things. One of them is a cartoon model photo that can make objects look funnier and more interesting. Therefore, it is not surprising that now photo editing applications are increasingly sought after.

1. MomentCam

Offered by Eureka Studios, MomentCam is a must-try faceless cartoon photo editing app. Offering a variety of features, this app is not only for turning photos into cartoons, but also adding other objects. Apart from editing photos, MomentCam also provides a share feature.

Not only sharing to social media, users can also directly use the edits as profile photos. If using this application, users will be spoiled with many themes because MomentCam does maintenance quite often. To get more features, users can subscribe or make certain purchases.

2. PicsArt

A favorite photo editing app, PicsArt has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times with millions of reviews. The assessment of the application offered by PicsArt, Inc. has also received a positive response. The many features available allow users to edit cartoon photos quickly and easily without a hitch.

Not only for editing photos into cartoons, PicsArt can also be used to edit videos with a variety of features available. Some of these features include being able to add text, effects, and stickers. There are also filters that can make the photos better and more interesting.

3. Meitu – Photo & Video Editor

This faceless cartoon photo editing app can only be used to edit photos online. However, users can access various features available for free, one of which is filters. Some of the available filters include arbt, house, doll, and various frames that can be used.

Not only that, Meitu Limited as a developer also spoils its app users with some excellent features. These excellent features are Meitu Presets that can be used to edit with one click and Cutout to remove and replace the background.

4. ToonMe

Toonme is an application to edit user photos into three-dimensional cartoons with satisfying results. This can be proven by the many positive ratings with hundreds of thousands of reviews, as well as the number of downloads of more than 50 million times.

Developed by Linerock Investments LTD, ToonMe can be used for free with a variety of features available. Not only does it convert face photos into cartoons, it can also be used to edit full body cartoons. In addition, ToonMe also provides a variety of templates and layouts for its users. Certainly very interesting and suitable for download, right?

5. Cartoon Photo Editor

The next application that can be used to edit photos is Cartoon Photo Editor developed by AZ Mobile Software. This free-to-use photo editing app has a conversion feature that can quickly turn photos into cartoons.

Cartoon Photo Editor also provides painting-style filters that make photos look artistic and stunning. In addition, there are also editing features that make photos look like they are painted on canvas, in the form of sketches, oil paints, or something else.

It’s easy to use Cartoon Photo Editor by uploading or taking a photo and selecting the desired photo style. If you have confirmed the style or theme of the photo, do the next step and wait until the photo is finished.

6. Pixlr

Free to use, Pixlr spoils its users with a simple interface that makes editing photos easier. There is also another convenience, which is that not only taking photos through the gallery, Pixlr photo editing can also be done by taking photos directly.

This application developed by Inmagine Lab will not burden the user’s cellphone because it only has a download size of approximately 29 MB.

However, the features offered are quite varied, such as effects, collages, adjusting photo colors, double exposure, Stylize, and others. Stylez itself is a special effect in the form of pencil sketches, posters, watercolors, and many more. In addition, Pixlr can also be used to remove stains, whiten teeth, and smooth skin in a very easy way.

7. Avatoon: Avatar Creator

Avatoon: Avatar Creator is the next must-try faceless cartoon photo editing app. This app can be used to change photos quickly with helpful features so that users can save more time.

In this application, there is a face detection feature to take pictures and then the results can be made into an avatar that is similar to the user’s real face. The similarity of the photo with the edit comes from the use of biometrics.

Similar to ToonMe, this app can also customize a cartoon version of just the face or the whole body.

8. ToonCamera

Slightly different from other photo editing applications, this application provides one advantage, namely the viewfinder display.

Viewfinder is a feature that can be used to see the cartoon effect directly so that users don’t just see photos. In addition to various cartoon styles, ToonCamera also provides sketch styles with unique effects, such as ink, oil painting, and black and white effects.

However, please note that this app is not available for Android and can only be used for iPhone and iPad.

9. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Unlike other apps, Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker is used to edit photos into comic-style cartoons. If you want to edit photos to be faceless, users can utilize existing features or even use other additional applications.

The results of photos that look like comic characters will be very useful for making photos look more prominent and unique. But like ToonCamera, this app can only be used for iOS users.

10. Painnt – Pro Art Filters

With over 10 million downloads, this app developed by Moonlight Apps Spain can turn photos into cartoons. There are many options that can be used, such as classic, comic, abstract, modern, and mosaic models.

In addition to the options already mentioned, there will always be new filters as the app regularly performs maintenance. In the previous maintenance, the app added new coloring options and brush size options.

Available to use for free, Painnt – Pro Art Filters has a lot of ads during use and has a limited edit resolution. In addition, the edited photo also has a watermark. To get rid of it all, users can subscribe to premium applications.

Those are some faceless cartoon photo editing apps that can be used easily and for free. However, users can also make payments for a subscription if they want to enjoy more features.

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