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8 Japanese Browser Apps for Android

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Using an Indonesian browser will indeed be a little hampered if you want to see foreign shows. Like for example to see Anime and the like. Therefore there is a Japanese browser application that can at least count. So, users don’t need a VPN anymore to access it.

1. Japan VPN Browser

The first application that users can use as a Browser application from Japan is Japan VPN Browser. There are many advantages possessed by this one Browser. For example, it is very light and does not take up much cell phone space.

Japan VPN Browser also has a feature that is able to block ads, so users will not be disturbed because of the ads that appear. Because before the ad shows itself, the blocking feature has worked first. This feature can also be set by yourself. It has a proxy effect, so users don’t need to set up a proxy manually.

Because if it is activated, then this setting will work automatically. Also some other advantages are also owned by this application.

2. Brave Personal Web Browser

Next there is an application called brave Personal Web Browser, with this application at least users can access Japanese shows. Like for example watching the latest Anime or something like that. Of course this application is also anti-blocking, so it will be used.

Free browsers are often excellent for most people, like this application which is also free to use. In addition, there is also an ad blocking feature, so it will not be disturbed when accessing something. This feature is also free and unpaid.

This application also has several advantages such as for example is a battery user that is not wasteful. So with this application, users can save more battery than using other browsers. In addition, there are still many excellent features such as private tabs and the like.

3. VPN Japan: Get Japanese Ip

In third place regarding Japanese browser apps is an app called VPN Japan Get Japanese Ip. As the name suggests, this app is equipped with a VPN, so users will easily access overseas sites.

This includes accessing sites from Japan. So, it can be said that this application can open sites that have been blocked. In addition, it also provides a secure connection word on an open network.

When talking about features, you will find a lot of advanced features in it. Among these features is multifunctionality, so this VPN Japan application is not only for accessing certain sites but can also be run for free. Even the VPN service is free during the use of the application.

4. Japan VPN: Unlimited VPN

Furthermore, there is another application for Japanese browsers or Japanese site browsers, namely with an application called Japanese VPN.

So indeed the application is specialized to access or as a Japanese browser. Users will also easily access content or sites of interest. In addition, users will also log in with an anonymous user, so that everyone on the same site will not recognize.

This is also an effort to maintain the privacy of each user in it. The VPN service in it is also unlimited and free, so users will not be charged additional fees other than Quota. There are also many features and advantages possessed by this application. In addition, the download size of this application is also quite small at only 12.54 MB.

5. VPN Japan

The next discussion is about the Japanese browser application released by infinityo. Still with the same functions as the previous application, but with some slightly different features.

In addition, the features owned are also not so many as before. Even so, the function of this application is also an option for some people. Namely, to access blocked sites. Such as sites from abroad that require using a VPN to open them.

With this application, you don’t need a VPN application anymore. This VPN Japan will work optimally on android.type 4.4. For lower ones, it might work. It’s just that the application will not be able to work properly. The download size itself is very small, only 5.71 MB.

6. VPN Japan: Proxy Secure VPN

In the next order, there is still an application that can be used for Japanese browsers, because it is equipped with a VPN. In addition, this application is also specifically designed for android users, so all android users can download it. But unfortunately, this application cannot work optimally on some android.

Because this application will work optimally and optimally at least on android type 5.0. Of course it will also work okay when downloaded on a higher android.

Besides being able to be used to open sites from Japan, this application can also be used to speed up when playing Japanese games. Although the name of the application is only Japanese, the VPN server in it is global, and there are servers from several developed countries such as America, Germany.

7. Lite Browser VPN Proxy Browser

Although there is no name Japan, on the application, lite Browser can be one of the Japanese browser applications that users can use. Because this application is equipped with a VPN. So that it can be used to open sites from Japan though. So even though the site has been deleted by the firewall, users can still open it.

This is due to the VPN in the application. In addition, users also do not need to worry about the ip address being spread, because the anonymous feature will hide it. The application published by ozzmo yazilim A.S has a fairly small download size. Which is only about 5.27 MB, but usually does not include the data contained in it. Also keep in mind, that it will be recommended for use on Android at least 4.4.

8. Japan VPN – Plugin For Open VPN

The last browser to be discussed this time is a browser called Japan VPN. For its own function, of course like the title used, which is to access Japanese sites. This application is also only connected to Japan, and keep in mind that this application cannot work independently.

So, to be able to use this application, users still need to see downloads on other applications. As for Android users, then download this Japan VPN application together with open VPN for android. Because this application is free, so it cannot guarantee service.

When going to download this application, try on android at least 5.0 or it would be better if using a higher type. The download size is also quite light, because it only takes about 4.89 mb. The download of this application alone has kept more than one million.

Thus are eight Japanese browser applications that can be used as a reference if you want to use them. However, before actually using one of these applications, it would be nice if it was considered first. Through the comments of the fund application so that it looks confident.

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