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11 VPN Browser Apps for iPhone: For Safer Browsing

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Currently, there are many browsers that are blocked for several reasons. This is certainly quite influential on cellphone users, especially iPhones, to browse the web. But don’t worry in the article below will review some iPhone VPN browser applications for user reference.

VPN itself is very useful for bypassing and opening blocked browsers. By using a VPN, user privacy will be better protected. What are these apk? For more details, here are some recommended VPN apps for iPhone users.

1. Hide.me

The first iPhone VPN browser application that is quite famous among users is Hide.me. This application has many advantages that can be obtained for users. Hide.me will provide and offer VPN for free to iPhone users. More interestingly, the free version of Hide.me will provide approximately 2 GB of data every month.

In the service provided by Hide.me, it is guaranteed that there will be no speed slowdown. Thus, users can freely browse and even stream without buffering.

2. Surfshark: Unlimited VPN Proxy

This application is one of the apk that provides comer and VPN up packed with various features. One of the features that many people like is the feature that is useful for maintaining user data security. Thus, user data is guaranteed to be safe.

In addition to the feature to keep data safe, this apk also has a killswitch feature. This feature is useful for securing connections when the user’s network is lost. Each server on this apk has provided encryption that is quite strong and stable.

So that users can unblock the browser. Not only that, this apk also provides a multi hop feature. This feature is a favorite feature of many people. By using the multi hop feature, the speed in accessing the browser cannot be doubted. When a user accesses a browser, the digital footprint will be erased.

3. Opera VPN

The next recommendation is Opera VPN. One can enjoy this service at no cost. After downloading this application, users can immediately surf and use this application easily and of course safely. So, what are the advantages of this apk?

This Opera VPN application is set up in such a way that it stays connected to the region with maximum speed and stable connection. Users can enable the block feature on websites that users have visited. In addition, users can also turn off the VPN service.

4. ExpressVPN

Ever heard of the Express VPN app? Yes, this application is actually very good, it’s just that there are still many who don’t know about its existence. By using this application, users will be given tons of advantages. This apk also comes with tons of features.

This ExpressVPN app provides free service for 3 full months. This opportunity can be used by users to stream. Please note, this apk has 3 connections or servers around the world. It only takes some time to connect the network.

In addition to a super fast connection, this server can block sites easily. This app can also help users protect their iPhone from virus or malware attacks. ExpressVPN has super advanced encryption. How’s that? Are you interested in trying it out?

5. NordVPN

This 5th iPhone VPN browser app is quite famous among iPhone users. This NordVPN app is famous for its security and privacy when browsing a browser. One of the other advantages of the apk is that NordVPN has a light weight and simple graphics.

It has good and advanced encryption so it won’t affect the connection speed. The resulting connection is fast enough that it is ideal for streaming. One of the features that many people like is the dedicated IP option.

6. VPN Unlimited – Fast & Private

VPN Unlimited – Fast & Private is the next recommended app. Many things can be obtained when using this one application.

By using this apk, users can freely surf on the browser without leaving a digital footprint. In addition, this apk also provides some streaming server access, such as HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix and many more.

However, this app only provides a 7-day trial period. After that, users are advised to purchase a premium package to keep it running.

7. CyberGhost VPN & WiFi Proxy

This app has successfully protected millions of users’ data while using it. When users use public or private WiFi, this apk offers encryption automatically.

In addition, there are also many servers located in dozens of countries. There are various advantages or advantages that users can enjoy. The simple interface also makes it easy for users to use this apk. However, users can only use the trial period for a week. After that, users must purchase the premium version.

8. SaferVPN – Best VPN for WiFi

Many iPhone users have tried and subscribed using this apk. With just a few touches, users can surf the internet privately, hidden, and of course safe. So users can use public WiFi safely.

In addition, this apk offers unlimited bandwidth so that users can continue to enjoy a high-speed internet connection. But unfortunately, this apk only provides a trial after about a week. After that, users can purchase a premium package.

9. VPN by Private Internet Access

This next iPhone VPN browser app has a unique but simple look that is still easy to use. Users can encrypt their online activities while surfing on the browser so that personal data can be safely secured. In addition, there are many features that can be used.

One of the unique and useful features is the content blocker. This feature will easily perform its activities, namely blocking ads. To be able to use this apk, users can subscribe. Don’t worry, the fee charged within a month is usually less than 100 thousand.

10. VPN: Private & Fast VyprVPN

Many people don’t know about this one apk. Even though this apk has many advantages that users can take advantage of.

Before buying and subscribing to the paid version, namely premium, users can try this service for free for 3 days. In addition, users can also stream and do unlimited gaming using this application.

Even cooler, users can easily open sites or browsers that have been blocked. Don’t worry, user data will certainly be safe and not spread. Interested in trying it out?

11. IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN

This next special VPN browser application for iPhone is quite famous. The reason is, by using this apk, users will find it easier to surf to sites that have been blocked. Even cooler, this apk has been present in various countries.

Those are some iPhone VPN browser apps that can be for user reference. Users are free to choose these various apk according to their wishes and needs.

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