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10 Apps to Edit Photos Into Moving Videos: Top & Popular

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As photos become more sophisticated, photo editing is now not only limited to contrast, brightness, or filters, but also turning them into moving videos. Therefore, photo editing apps for moving videos are currently widely used, especially for social media users.

The advancement of technology is evident with the rise of applications that make it easier for anyone to edit photos into videos. No need for courses first, nowadays editing photos can be done easily by anyone. Here are some applications that can be used:

1. Lumyer – Photo Video Animator

Developed by Lumyer Inc, this photo editing app is worth a try as soon as possible. Providing hundreds of filters with amazing resolutions, users will be spoiled with animated effects that make photos look real. In addition to editing photos into videos with various filters, Lumyer also has a feature to save photos in GIF format.

After finishing editing, users can immediately make it as a Facebook profile picture or share it to their social media accounts. This app with a download size of approximately 56 MB has been downloaded millions of times and hundreds of reviews with various comments.

In order to enjoy the full features and unlimited access to this application, users can subscribe to a premium account.

2. Zoetropic – Photo in Motion

Having a fairly small download size, Zoetropic – Photo in Motion is classified as an application that is in great demand.

How not, this approximately 39 MB application has a feature to add motion effects to edited photos. Not only moving, this application developed by Zoemach Technologia also has features with 3D effects and FX cameras. Zeotropic also provides music that can be used for background sounds.

The editing process using Zoetropic can be done quickly because the appearance of this one application is quite simple and easy to understand. One of them is the use of cinematic effects by simply masking the desired area of the photo.

3. Loopsie – 3D Photo Dazz Cam & Pixeloop

Slightly different from the previous app, Loopsie can not only edit photos into videos, but also has a 3D feature. In addition, Loopsie also has a friendly UI so users won’t find it difficult. Offering stunning cinematography effects, this app can create original video motion effects. N

ot only does Loopsie provide stunning editing effects, it also provides HD quality for each video produced. Therefore, the edits can be easily shared to social media.

4. Gif Me! Camera

As the name of the app implies, Gif Me! offers features that support users to create Gifs. Very easily, users can directly create it through the phone camera and the moving photo will be finished immediately. If so, users can share it on their social media.

However, if you want the moving photos to be more interesting, add filters, text, frames, or stickers as desired. Besides being able to edit photos into Gifs, this application can also be used to create timelapse and stop motion.

5. PixaMotion Loop Photo Animator & Photo Video Maker

Downloadable by Android, this editing app is predicted to create live wallpapers from photos and make short videos. The animation effects and filters available make this app much in demand because the edits look more alive.

Offered by Imagix AI Private Limited, this 49 MB download size app has been downloaded more than five million times. If you want to take advantage of the various features available, users can directly register as a premium account.

6. Pixgram

The next application to edit photos into moving videos is Pixgram, which was developed by Swiitt Computing Inc. If you use this application, users will find several interesting features, one of which is songs.

In addition, Pixgram also has effect filters for photo editing. The way to edit in this application is very easy and fast, namely by taking the desired photo.

After that, choose the effect filter and music you like and the moving photo is finished. If it’s done, users can immediately share it quickly.

7. Vimage

Having a download size of approximately 85 MB, Vimage allows users to make photos move and can add effects. Not only effects, users can also combine several features that can make the edits very interesting.

Available features include blur, contrast, brightness, and so on. In addition, Vimage can also add animation to certain parts of the photo.

After editing, the resulting photo is not only for sharing, but can also be used for live wallpaper. After doing maintenance some time ago, Vimage now has a new feature, namely a 3D camera that will create illusions. In addition, there is also the addition of sounds that can be done by the user, such as the sound of nature or one’s own voice.

8. Movepic: Photo Motion Animator

Developed by ryzenrise, Movepic: Photo Motion Animator can make photos into moving images with a variety of supporting features. Some of the main features are animation effects, 3D videos, and music. There are also various stickers that can make the edits more beautiful.

Having done maintenance a few months ago, this app adds a new feature of saving edits into GIFs. In addition, ryzenrise also fixed some crashes so that the Magic Skies feature and animation loop mode can be used again.

9. StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph

Being the next app to edit photos into moving videos, StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph is highly recommended. This app, which has been downloaded more than five million times, can be used to create photo images, video loops, and more.

Offering a variety of advanced features for free, AndOr Communications Pvt Ltd also provides a premium account for unlimited access. Although the subscription will automatically renew afterward, users can cancel the subscription 24 hours before the end of the current period.

10. Photo Motion

As the developer, Tiger AppsMobile requires users who can download this app to have a device with a minimum OS version of 7.0. This may be influenced by some of the features available in the Photo Motion application. Photo Motion can be used to turn photos into motion with additional effects.

In addition to effects, this application also provides various types of fun animated stickers. Not only that, Photo Motion also has share and animation features that can make the background more interactive.

Launched in 2021, this one application is relatively new and has received thousands of reviews with quite satisfactory ratings. Only 12 MB in size, Photo Motion has been downloaded more than one hundred thousand times.

That’s a little review of some photo editing applications so that moving videos can be tried as desired. Although it can be used for free, users can choose to subscribe to a premium account to enjoy access to more features.

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