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9 Simple and Easy Photo Editing Apps for PC

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Want the best photo results? Relax, a simple PC photo editing application recommendation can make the photo results cooler and more interesting.

Many photo editing applications are scattered, but you have to be smart in choosing the best one if you want the results not to disappoint. Sometimes when editing photos with cool and satisfying results, only the premium version is available.

As a beginner photo editor, you must feel limited because the features or tools available are not complete. Here’s a recommended application for beginners but professional-like results.

1. Adobe Photoshop

The first application that is included in the recommended choice for photo editing is Adobe Photoshop. This editing application is used to edit photos for a PC base.

The tools and features available make photos cooler and more elegant. One of the mainstay tools of Photoshop is editing photo backgrounds. Cutting photos and pasting them on the background is now easier.

To maximize its use, use a subscription by paying around 200 thousand / month. Then, to operate the application better, it requires a processor of 2 GHz and above, a minimum RAM of 8 GB and a VGA of at least 2 GB.

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements

The next recommended choice for a simple PC photo editing application is Adobe Photoshop Elements. Adobe company is always satisfying for photographers.

Now, Adobe has released a simpler version for every novice user who finds it difficult with the full features provided by Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Elements has a lighter version and does not burden the memory on the PC.

The required PC or laptop specifications are 8 GB of RAM. For the CPU itself, an Intel CPU of the 8th generation is required. If you are interested in trying this application, you can use the free trial version. Then, if you are comfortable using this application, you can use a subscription by paying around USD 69.99 / month.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Next for photo editing applications on PC is Adobe Lightroom. Almost equivalent to Adobe Photoshop in terms of tools and features it has.

Therefore, this application is able to compete with Adobe Photoshop. This Adobe Lightroom application is a little simpler than Adobe Photoshop. So this application is suitable for use by beginners who want to learn to edit photos.

Due to the high and large number of enthusiasts, the Adobe company issued its Android version. For system requirements, it is almost the same as Adobe Photoshop, which requires a 3 GHz CPU. With a minimum RAM of 8 GB, and it is better if it has 16 GB. Then, VGA at least 2 GB more for video storage.

4. Skylum Luminar 4 – Al Edit Photo

The next simple PC photo editing application is Skylum Luminar 4. The Skylum application comes with 45 interesting filter options.

Become one of the best photo editing applications. This is because it has a variety of features and various tools. The tools used are also not slow, of course making this application the choice for novice users because of its simple features.

Another convenience provided by the Luminar application is that it makes it easy if you want to change color, tone, lens. Not only that, but there are also chromatic and distortion features available for editing photos. To enhance the results of edited photo images, use the automatic correction feature.

5. PaintShop Pro

The next recommended application is Paintshop Pro. Paintshop pro offers capabilities that are almost equivalent to Photoshop. It is not wrong if this application becomes Adobe Photoshop’s strongest rival in the future. Therefore, this application is widely used by professional photographers. This software is indeed in the paid category but is simple enough to use for beginners.

This one application is a bit pricey from other paid applications if you subscribe. The normal price range is around 1.16 million rupiah. But with this price, of course you can get complete facilities in using the features. If you want to try using it, you can activate a free trial. Satisfied experimenting using this application if you have activated the subscription.

Users are guaranteed to be satisfied to retouch, crop, or resize. Organize photo composition, make layout settings as desired. There is even a before and after feature. The recommended PC to operate the application is at least Intel Core i5 and above. For video or VGA storage, DirectX 12 is required to support better usage.

6. Affinity Photo

The next category for simple PC photo editing apps is Affinity Photo for editing a photo. If beginners want to edit photos with results like from professional hands, use this one application. One very useful feature to use is the full HDR Merge feature.

Then there is the 360-degree Image Editing feature, as well as Tone Mapping.

The resulting edits are also detailed. It is not wrong if this application is the best recommendation for photo editing, because it always satisfies every user. As well as being a necessity for every other photo editing user.

7. PhotoScape: Free Photo Editing Software

Being one of the applications that must be downloaded for every beginner, of course PhotoScape provides many advantages. The features provided are complete and easy to use, most importantly this application is free. Complete features that are owned and often used are brightness and color adjustment, resizing.

Then backlight correction, white balance, drawing pictures, filters, cropping, and red eye removal. If you want to edit many photos at once, you can use the Batch Editor. For every Windows 10 or Mac version laptop or PC user, the best recommendation is Photoscape X. The splitter feature is useful for separating photos into several parts.

8. Artweaver

If you like photo edits in the form of sketches or like pencil painting, then Artweaver is the choice. By using this application, edit photos in the form of sketches or drawings will look like real sketches.

This application is available in free and paid versions. If you want more unique and aesthetic photo edits, users can use a paid subscription. Guaranteed the results are very high quality and like a professional.


The last application that is included in the best but simple PC photo editing category is GIMP. GIMP or known as GNU Image Manipulation Program is one of the software that can compete with Adobe Photoshop. The reason is, the features of the GIMP application are fairly complete. T

his application can be operated by a laptop or PC model Linux / GNU, Windows, and also OS X. Being a favorite application category for professional photographers, world illustrators to famous graphic designers who use this application.

Those are the best recommendations for those who want to find a simple PC photo editing application. Now there are many applications to edit photos according to the wishes and needs of users. So, no need to worry anymore even though you don’t have qualified skills, because there are already applications that help.

Choose according to your own convenience, but these choices are the best among others. With the application of choice, uploading collected photo content is more aesthetic and able to hone creativity. That’s because there are tens to hundreds of features and tools.

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