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10 Free Editing Apps From Photos to Cool and Beautiful Video

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It turns out that some collections of photos can be made into a good and beautiful video. There are several free photo editing apps that can be used to make it. The presence of these applications increasingly helps users who want to make a video easily.

Below will be recommended several applications that can be used for this. Of course, each application has its own features and advantages. Users just have to choose which one is most suitable. Let’s just follow the full explanation below:

1. KineMaster

The first recommendation comes from an application called KineMaster. This one application is often used to edit a video. It can also be used to make a collection of photos into a video that is very interesting to see.

How to use it is also very easy. In this cool application, there are various interesting features that can be utilized. Like the transition video effect, which will make moving photos from one to another more aesthetic. In addition, this application can be used on any cell phone.

2. Quik

For beginners who are still learning about video editing, you might want to try this app. As desired, the Quik application is indeed very friendly to use by beginners.

Because, it can be used automatically and does not need to use special techniques. Users just need to enter a collection of photos in the gallery.

Then the application will automatically work to make the collection of photos into a neat video. In fact, users can include up to 75 photos in the video.

3. Funimate

For the next of the recommended photo editing applications, there is Funimate. This application has a very simple appearance, so it is very easy to operate. No wonder so many people love this app. In fact, in the Play Store there are many good reviews about this application.

In this application users can edit a photo into a video as desired. Not only that, users can also add some funny filters that have been provided. So, the video will become funnier and can be uploaded to social media as well.

4. InShot

If you want to edit photos into videos, you can also use the InShot application. This free photo editing application is often used to edit a video. Because, it is very high quality and its use is also not complicated. So, it’s understandable if many people use it.

This InShot app can be used for free or paid. To get more premium features, users can use it in the paid version. In addition, the video quality provided can reach 1080p. So, you can imagine how clear the resulting video is, right?

5. Viva Video

If you want to make a video with various themes, then you can use this photo editing application. The Viva Video application does provide various themes in it.

Users can just choose to use a theme that is suitable or according to their wishes. In fact, interestingly, this application provides filters up to 200 choices. Users can choose a filter that matches the video they are going to make. All of these filters can be used for free. In addition, a slow motion effect can also be given to the video.

There are various other effects that can be used to make the resulting video more beautiful. Users are guaranteed to like the resulting video. Because, it is very high quality and can certainly make feeds on social media more interesting.

6. VideoShow

For the next free photo editing application, there is VideoShow. An application that is suitable for novice users. Because, it is very easy to use and has a very simple appearance.

So, users will have no difficulty in editing photos into videos. The video created can also be added with some funny stickers in it. So, it will make the video even funnier. VIP users can also remove the watermark on their videos. So, the application logo will disappear when uploaded to social media.

7. Pinnacle Studio

If you want to make a video from a collection of photos, you can use an application called Pinnacle Studio. However, this application can only be used on PC devices. Equipped with various features and tools that are very complete and cool. Users can use it freely.

There are 1,000 filters that can be used by users that have been provided in the application. However, if you want a more complete application, you must make a payment. However, it does not rule out the possibility that it can be used for free as well.

8. Adobe Premiere Pro

For those who are already reliable, then you can use this one application. The name of the application is Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a sophisticated video editing application.

However, this application is not suitable for use by beginners because it must use certain techniques. The application allows users to produce videos with superior quality.

The resulting quality can reach 4k, or can be adjusted depending on the needs. So, you can imagine what the resulting video will be like, right? Moreover, it can be used for free and freely.

9. Alight Motion

Editing photos into a video is fun because you can put together several photos into one video. Moreover, if you can add animation effects, it will definitely add to the cuteness of the video.

There are also other effects that can be utilized by users. In fact, the good thing is that users can also create a video with GIF format.

So, the inserted photo can move like a video. Not only that, the application also supports a video with vector and bitmap formats. So, it is flexible to use in any format.

10. Filmorago

Finally, there is a photo editing application so video with the name Filmorago. This application can also be an alternative when you want to edit photos into videos easily. Equipped with various features that are complete and also adequate. However, what is certain can be used for free.

However, if users want to use cooler features, they can move to the premium version. In the premium version, users will find various effects or other features that are cooler and more sophisticated. So, the resulting video will be of higher quality.

Users are guaranteed not to regret using this application. Because, the video results are definitely cool. The user will definitely feel like a reliable editor. To be uploaded to social media will not be embarrassing. The reason is, it has good quality and video results.

That’s the recommendation of free photo editing apps that can be used on Android devices and PCs. Of course, all of the above applications are of high quality and very easy to use. In fact, there are many more similar applications that can be used and can be customized depending on user needs.

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