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12 Smarphone Photo Editing Apps Like Photoshop

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In the past, maybe editing photos had to go through Photoshop software on a PC and could only be done by professionals. However, now there are photo editing applications on cellphones such as Photoshop that can be done by everyone without having to have qualified or high skills.

The photo editing apps that will be described below can only be installed on Android, iPhone, or both. A complete review of each photo editing application along with its features and advantages can be listened to carefully in the explanation below.

1. Photo Director

The first recommendation regarding photo editing applications on HP such as Photoshop for Android phones is PhotoDirector. Photo Director provides various filter effects that can give a professional impression to ordinary photos. In fact, the results will look like Nikon camera shots.

This application developed by CyberLink developers has many advantages. The advantage is that it has an excellent HDR effect. In addition, PhotoDirector can also adjust the tone of the photo through darkness, brightness, exposure, and contrast slider settings to make the photo more beautiful.

2. AirBrush

Next up is the AirBrush app. As the name implies, this application is able to change photos to make them more attractive with brush features and supported by advanced filtering technology. The brush feature in AirBrush has many functions.

The function is for example, the user wants to remove the acne seen in the photo, then the acne can be easily removed. Users can also brighten a dull face with the brush feature. Uniquely, this application can provide a whitening effect on teeth and eyes.

3. Instasize

The next recommendation that can be chosen is Instasize. This Instasize application has many interesting features. Users can edit photos by using the color correct, trim, post process, and even design photos and videos.

Instasize is equipped with a large number of filters, various borders, and various text variations. Lay users can also use Instasize easily because of its user-friendly interface.

4. Enlight

Besides the three apps above, users can also utilize Enlight. This photo editing app for iPhone allows users to edit photos through granular control features. In addition, users can also apply the desired filter and then change it easily.

The mainstay features of the Enlight app are custom presents and tone curves. Available on iTunes and the App Store, users can install the app by paying $3.99. After that, users are free to use Enlight and customize their photos to make them more unique.

5. Afterlight 2

The Afterlight 2 application is the result of the development of Afterlight 1. This makes Afterlight 2 even more sophisticated with various advanced tools so that users can edit photos freely. Users can also change their photos to be more aesthetic and charming.

Features included in Afterlight 2 include filter features, double exposure, artwork and text, dust and light leak overlays. Users can get this application easily on iTunes. The cost to obtain Afterlight 2 is $2.99.

6. Fotograf

The next photo editing application on HP like Photoshop is Fotograf. This application can be installed on iPhone devices. The advantage of Fotograf is that it has classic filters that may be difficult or even cannot be found in similar applications.

Users can create these classic features according to the abilities that users have. In addition, Fotograf will also help users in getting the right effect for the photos that users are editing. Fotograf can be downloaded for free on the Appstore.

7. Filters

Next, the application that iPhone users can use to edit photos is Filters. The advantage of Filters is that it contains more than 500 filters for users to utilize in editing photos. On the other hand, users can also add layers and customize them through the available tools.

The interesting thing about the Filters application is that users can save their favorite editing combinations. So, when users will edit photos with the same combination, users don’t need to do the process from scratch. Filters can be downloaded from the Appstore by paying $1.99.

8. Snapseed

An application that is very worth trying as a photo editing application on HP like Photoshop is Snapseed. Ordinary users can use Snapseed easily because of its simple appearance. In addition, there is also a video tutorial feature so that users will better understand photo editing.

Features included in Snapseed include crop, curve, brightness, rotation, and more. The best feature of this app is the expand feature, which is similar to the content aware fill feature in Photoshop. Snapseed can also be installed on iPhone and Android phones.


The next recommendation regarding photo editing applications on HP such as Photoshop is VSCO. This application is well known for its sophistication. Some of the features that will be encountered when using VSCO are the filter features, which are editing features similar to analog, classic, and modern camera films.

VSCO is equipped with a color setting feature so that the editing results will be more varied. Users can edit photos like a professional photographer by giving a bright vintage or gloomy impression to their photos.

10. PicsArt

This photo editing application on HP is like Photoshop is PicsArt. Features that will be found in this application are filters, drawing tools, effects, and camera applications.

In addition, PicsArt also functions as a social platform for fellow users. Over 500 million users have used this app. This is not surprising, as PicsArt is designed for practical and easy photo editing. The advantage of PicsArt is the magic effect feature that will make photos more natural and alive.

11. Face Tune

Next, the recommendation regarding photo editing applications on HP that resemble Photoshop is Face Tune. This application is suitable for users who like selfies, because the photos will be more attractive. Face Tune has features that can cover acne, whiten teeth, and cover gray hair.

Face Tune is very practical to use and can beautify selfie photos in just a few seconds. The Face Tune app can be installed on iPhone devices by downloading it from the Appstore. It costs $3.99 for users to install the app.

12. Colorburn

When you read the name of this app at first glance, you will see that Colorburn offers a variety of colorful filters. The Colorburn app offers a fun sensation in photo editing for its users. Users can also feel the sensation by purchasing this application on iTunes or Appstore for $0.99.

This is a review of photo editing applications on HP such as Photoshop that are worth trying to beautify user shots. Each application has been accompanied by advanced features that will certainly facilitate users in using it. So, make sure to choose the most suitable application.

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