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10 Top Apps for Editing Photos Into Videos With Songs!

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Editing a photo into a video with a song is very easy to do. Because, currently there is a photo editing application so the song video is already on the Play Store. In fact, there are many of them and users just need to choose the application that suits them best.

Although there are many, only a few of them have good quality. Below will be suggested applications that are mandatory and worth using. Let’s just look at the reviews of some of the apps that can be used easily and practically of course:

1. Quik

For the first, there is an application with the name Quik. This application is indeed devoted to creating a video from a collection of photos. However, it is also equipped with a soundtrack feature that can be added to the video created. So, it will produce a cooler video.

Users just have to choose the song they want, there are several songs that have been provided. However, if there is no suitable song then the user can search and download the song that feels suitable. Then just put it into the video that is being made.

2. KineMaster

The next video editing app suggestion is KineMaster. This app is very popular among video editors. Because, it is very easy to use and can produce quality videos as well.

So, it’s understandable if many use it. The way to use the application is also very simple. The user just needs to enter the photo and then the desired song as well. After that, users can also set the duration of the song. Just adjust it to the duration of the video to be made.

3. Filmorago

An alternative application to edit photos into the next song video is Filmorago. This platform is often used and quite familiar too. In the Play Store, many have also downloaded the Filmorago application.

The reviews submitted also like it a lot. In this Filmorago, users will find lots of cool and funny effects. These effects can be applied directly to the video. Of course, it can also be accompanied by music or songs that will add a deeper impression to the edited video.

4. Loopsie

Not to forget there is also the Loopsie application which can be the right solution too. Because, this application provides a lot of good and contemporary effects and filters.

So, the videos made will be even cooler and certainly contemporary too. Not only that, users can also add music to their videos.

The music provided also varies, from just music to a song that has lyrics. Users can also cut the video and then adjust it to the song they choose.

5. Viva Cut

For the next quite popular application, there is Viva Cut. The application is commonly used to edit videos from YouTube and TikTok. So, there is no need to doubt the quality of this application. Guaranteed users will not regret it and instead will continue to use it.

Of course, this application can be used to add a song to the edited video. There are various kinds of songs that can be included, depending on the taste of the creator. In fact, it can also be accompanied by a text that will make the impression of the video more aesthetic.

6. CapCut

The next recommendation comes from the very popular application CapCut. TikTok users must be familiar with this application. The reason is, a lot of videos on TikTok are edited using the CapCut application. No wonder there are so many cool videos on TikTok.

This application provides a variety of cool and pleasant music to listen to. Users can choose from slow to loud music. Just adjust it to the video he made. There are also funny effects that can be added to the video.

The appearance of this CapCut application is very simple and easy to operate. So, even for beginners it is very suitable and friendly. New users will definitely understand easily and can use it comfortably too.

7. PicMotion

There is also an app to edit photos into videos with songs called PicMotion. The application is included in the recommendation because it is very cool to use. PicMotion will make the resulting video more contemporary and modern of course. So, it is very suitable to be used as a social media feed. T

he good thing is, in this application users can insert a video. So, between the photos inserted can be embedded pieces of video. The results will be better and cooler, users will definitely be addicted to using this PicMotion application.

8. PixGram

The next suggestion is the PixGram app, an app that edits photos into videos with songs that are also worth using. The app can be used on Android phones and can be downloaded directly on the Play Store for free. In addition, it can be used comfortably and is not complicated either.

Users can add their favorite songs to the video they are editing. The song used can be from within the application or from the user’s phone gallery. It is guaranteed that users will be satisfied with the videos produced through this Pixgram application.

9. Photo Grid

It turns out that the Photo Grid application can not only be used to create photo collages. However, it can also be used to create a video song from several collections of photos.

The way to use it is also very easy and can be done by even ordinary people. When adding a song to the video, users can add it online or offline. In fact, the lyrics of the song can also be included.

So, the resulting video will be like a professional video clip and certainly cool. The user will feel like a reliable editor when using the application. The reason is, there are a wide selection of features that are very sophisticated and can be applied easily. So, users will have no trouble operating the application.

10. Beat.ly

For the last one, there is a photo editing application so a song video with the name Beat.ly. This platform is highly recommended and suitable for use by beginners and professionals.

So, it is certain that the navigation of this application is easy and simple. There are also various templates that can be used immediately, so users don’t have to bother editing them again.

However, it is also possible to make your own edits according to the taste and creativity of the video editor. Transition effects can also be added to each photo transfer.

In addition, it can also be given an effect that will beautify the video it creates. The resulting video is HD quality and very clear.

Those are some recommendations for photo editing apps so videos with songs that are recommended for use. The 10 applications above are quite popular and have received many positive reviews from their users. So, it is definitely quality and will not disappoint its loyal customers.

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