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Aesthetic Chinese Photo Editing App That’s Going Viral: Xingtu

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Photo editing apps are no longer a taboo among advanced technology users. One of them is Xingtu, a Chinese aesthetic photo editing application that is currently viral. Its presence seems to be warmly welcomed by social media lovers, especially TikTok lovers.

Photo editing is maximized when users know in depth about the application to be used. For example, the Xingtu application is ready to provide amazing results for edited photos. In order to use it to the fullest, let’s get to know the Xingtu app below!

Get to know the Chinese Aesthetic Photo Edit App Xingtu

To get cool photo results, a sophisticated application is needed. One of them that can be tried is Xingtu, a Chinese aesthetic photo editing application that is so amazing.

The popularity of Xingtu in various countries has spread to Indonesia. Now, many Indonesian users are also curious about using Xingtu.

This application provides a high quality photo editing system. Users have the opportunity to edit photos as desired. This Chinese application is also presented with original writing from the country. It is quite difficult to understand, but users can slowly learn it. Thus, its use is even more efficient.

Available Features

Xingtu comes with an impressive range of features. Each feature gives users the effect they want. The creative features available are like completeness for care, from face to body. Among these features are the following:

1. Basic Tools

First, users will find basic tools like any other photo editing app. The basic tools in question include contrast, brightness, sharpness, and so on. Users can find this completeness in this one application.

2. Edit Face

Next, users can enjoy the high-quality face editing feature. There are at least 10 effects available to choose from. These include smoothing, sharpening, face patterning and other makeup features.

The contours of the face can be customized to the user’s liking. The photo edits are even more impressive. The results may seem manipulative, but not a few users are very satisfied with the results.

3. Concealer

Another feature that can be found in this photo editing application is concealer. A feature that is ready to make the face more beautiful. The available features provide maximum effect on parts of the face that have flaws. For example, acne, black spots and the like.

Through the concealer feature, users can make large eyes become narrower. In addition, the feature can be used on other parts of the face, such as the nose and lips. This one app will be the place where users get creative to make edits as desired.

4. Edit Body

Uniquely, users not only edit the face, but can make edits to the body. This is one of the things that really interests users. The body editing feature is here to provide a solution for photos that can show a balanced body.

Users get their own satisfaction when using this application. Users can make their bodies look more balanced. The reason is, the body editing feature can reduce to lengthen the desired area.

5. Beautiful Filters

Want to produce more beautiful photos, users can use beautiful filters. One of the filters is ready to make photos have a higher aesthetic value. Interestingly, the abundance of filters available can be enjoyed for free.

Users will also be more free to make edits. As a result, the edited photos will look more impressive. Take advantage of the available filters and apply them to your photos as best you can.

How to Download and Install Xingtu

Are you interested in downloading the Chinese aesthetic photo editing application? Users can download it easily. Unfortunately, users cannot find it on the Play Store.

Users can download it through the related link. The download link can be obtained through various provider sites. Users can look for alternatives to download. However, make sure the link is safe and does not adversely affect the device being used. Many things must be considered during the download process.

These include device space availability, network connection and the like. Every aspect should be prepared as well as possible, so that the download will be more effective. After the download, the user must install it successfully. The installation process can be done in several steps. Each step must be done correctly, so that the installation is successful. The steps are as follows:

  • Download the full app.
  • Open the settings menu on the device being used.
  • Then, select the security menu and proceed to the apps option.
  • Next, check ‘unknown source‘.
  • Open the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Wait for the process to be completed.

Once the app is installed, users can edit their photos as desired. Enjoy every feature and make edits as interesting as possible. Users will be more confident sharing photos on various social media.

Photo Editing Steps Via Xingtu App

To be able to produce good photo edits, it is important to know the steps. In making edits to the aesthetic China photo editing application, there are several steps that can be taken. The steps are as follows:

  • Open the App. First, ensure that the app is available on the device. Next, open the app to perform photo editing. Basically, the steps are not much different from other apps. Users can also edit photos easily in this application.
  • Access Device Permissions. In the next step, users must grant access to device permissions. This photo editing application cannot be found in the Play Store, so it requires device permissions. Generally, access permissions are found in the settings
  • Select the Writing Menu. At the next stage, the user can select the writing in the menu section. Choose Chinese writing with a black background. Then the appearance will be according to what the user chooses. However, the selection of this writing menu can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • Photo Input. After successfully logging in, the user must select the photo to be edited. Input photos found in the gallery or drive. The user must prepare the photo to be edited.
  • Select Filter. After successful photo input, users start editing by selecting the filter option. There are many features available, so users can customize according to their needs and desires. Edit the selected photo with the available polish.
  • Download and After successfully making edits, users can download the edited photos. To see the difference, compare it with the previous unedited photo. The results will be more satisfying and the photo is ready to be shared on social media.

This is a review of Xingtu, a Chinese aesthetic photo editing application that is so impressive. Guaranteed users are addicted to editing again and again. The results will also amaze users. At first glance it is full of tricks, but for just being creative, of course this application is also worth a try.

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