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8 Aesthetic Instagram Photo Editing App to Increase Followers

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Instagram is now a popular application that covers all circles. Through Instagram, all information can be obtained and can even be used as a means of communication. Therefore, aesthetic Instagram photo editing applications have sprung up to help hone creativity.

Instagram can be used as a tool to hone creativity through uploading photos in the feed. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your time and effort.

In the event that you’re looking to get a new home, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a good idea of the kind of home you’re looking for. Let’s find out what applications can be used.


This Instagram aesthetic photo editing app can make users customize their own style. There is a VSCO community that encourages users to find more photo editing inspiration. There are features such as temperature which makes the photo warmer or colder.

Presets are also a feature in VSCO that helps choose the color of the photo as desired. VSCO has features such as clarity, save, publish, valence, contrast and others. Contrast will help to adjust the contrast of the photo whether it is lighter or darker. Save is used to save the edited photo.

2. Glitch Lab

Glitch Lab is an Instagram aesthetic photo editing application that can be downloaded on the Play Store. Where to install it only takes 11 mb and has been owned by approximately one million people. Of course, this application is in great demand especially since it already has a rating of 4.8 with good reviews.

Some of the features available include gallery, camera, undo, redo, save and share. Furthermore, there are also color, streak, repeat, break, corrupt, present and distortion features.  It also provides a hundred different effects divided into categories.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr can be downloaded on the play store only takes 31 mb with fifty million downloaders. It already has a rating of 4.3 and features such as eraser tool, double exposure, type, made with pixlr and others. Double exposure is useful for making the photos taken more aesthetic and beautiful.

There is no need to worry because this Instagram aesthetic photo editing application is free and unpaid. The advantages of this application have many effects available, filters to edit photos and interesting frames. Of course, it will make users free when editing photos or collages or stickers.

4. Fotor Editor

Fotor Editor is an Instagram aesthetic photo editing application that is accessed via computer, PC, or other devices. Using this application is easy, but first install it on a computer so that it can be used. The menus available in Fotor Editor are home, scanes, crop, adjust, effect, border, textures, focus, text, new, file, help and export.

In the Play Store, it is easy to download the application for 133 MB so that the cellphone is not full. This makes this application not only usable via computer, but also via cellphone. The advantages of this application are that you can change the background, exclusive filters & effects, all in one editor, create collages, design with trendy templates, creative al cutout and unique art effects. Certainly very interesting, isn’t it?

5. Photo Grid

Photo Grid can be downloaded on the play store with more than one million users. Installing this application is enough to set aside free space in storage of 16 MB.

Of course, this makes it an aesthetic IG photo editing application with grids, layouts, templates, text and stickers. There are many advantages of this application such as many layouts, seasonal posters, two hundred layouts, collage more than twenty photos and can layout locations.

It also provides five hundred stickers, has classy filters, insta square, various proportions and there is a 2D/3D mirror. The style of photos edited in Photo Grid is fairly free and does not have to be formal. In fact, there are still many materials to edit photos to be more aesthetic. Collage, edit, freestyle and other features in the Photo Grid application really help facilitate user editing.

6. Piscart

Picsart can be downloaded for 41 mb and has been downloaded by five hundred users. The various advantages of this application include a complete editor, video editing and design.

There are also exclusive filters, better selfie photos, can edit with stickers, latest backgrounds, can delete objects and search for special fonts. Usually this application is much loved because it is used by celebrities on Instagram. Photo lighting can be adjusted according to your needs.

People who use Piscart can edit photos into artwork or make collages. The light can be adjusted through the features in Picsart so that later the lighting becomes double lighting. The various menus in Picsart are quite interesting, namely gold, tools, effects, text, retouch, stickers, crop, split, freeze, face, opacity and others. Users need to hone their creativity to make the photos more interesting and satisfying.

7. Canva

Canva can be accessed via the web via google by searching canva web. The existence of the web version will certainly make people not need to download the application on Canva and fill the cellphone memory. However, if the user wants to download it, it can be directly on the Play Store.

The Canva app rating of 4.8 is considered to have good reviews with downloaders reaching more than five hundred people. In terms of photo editing, Canva also has many good templates that will enhance the special appearance on the Instagram feed. The background can also be removed so that there is no background.

Templates, elements, uploads, text, fonts, font sizes, duplicates, backgrounds are among the features in Canva. Later, Canva edits can be downloaded in pdf, png or jpg. Uniquely, the results of all edits are still stored so that they can be edited even though they have been downloaded if needed at any time.

8. Pixellab

Pixellab can be used to edit Instagram aesthetic photos that can be downloaded on the Play Store. This photo editor has various features such as delete, copy, to front, to back, shadow, rotate and others. The frame size can be adjusted so that the edited photo can be uploaded on Instagram.

Colors, shapes and other materials can be combined to make the photo look more aesthetic. The uniqueness of Pixellab is that it can copy colors from a photo so that the colors are more diverse. Interestingly, the pixellab design will not disappear even though it has left the application so that it can still be edited again.

That’s the Instagram aesthetic photo editing application that is recommended for use. Before using the application, it is better to learn the features in it so that there are no difficulties when using it. Not only in the form of an application, there is also an Instagram photo editing application that can be accessed via the website.

Users can choose to use the free version via the website or paid depending on their wishes. Don’t forget to check the internet signal, because applications that are accessed via the application or website still need internet to access them. Also check if the gallery is connected to the application or website so that it is easy when editing or not experiencing interference.

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