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7 Free Lightweight Photo Edit Apps for PC

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In general, editing a photo will require a photo editing application. Unfortunately, some applications will require a computer with large enough specifications. For those who have an old computer, there is still a free lightweight pc photo editing application that can be used. Actually, there is a reason why photo editing applications require quite large specifications.

Photo editors like Photoshop provide 3D editing of objects, and high-quality image rendering. For the program to operate stably, high computer performance is required. Fortunately, the programs below can still be used for full-featured photo editing. Plus, these application programs provide free editing access without charging fees. With that said, here are the recommended apps:


When discussing free photo editing apps, or apps that replace Photoshop, GIMP is often mentioned. This open-source application has complete features that are usually only available in paid applications. GIMP itself stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Regarding features, GIMP has features ranging from Photo Enhancement, Digital Retouching, Advanced Manipulation, to Animation.

Not only does it provide complete customization in editing, GIMP also provides customization in the user interface and plugins. Although GIMP is named as the best open-source photo editing application, GIMP is quite difficult to use, especially for those who are familiar with Photoshop.

But for that problem, GIMP has provided an alternative application GIMPShop, whose features are more like Photoshop. For those who want to use this PC photo editing application, there is no need to worry about low specifications. GIMP only requires at least 128 MB of RAM, quite a contrast to Photoshop which requires 4 GB of RAM.

2. Photoscape

The next application to try is Photoscape. This freeware application, developed since 2008, has an easy and fun editing concept. For those who are beginners in the world of editing, Photoscape is highly recommended for basic level editing. The reason why this application has an “easy and fun” concept is in the features and appearance provided.

In terms of features, Photoscape has interesting features such as Animated GIF and Face Search. In terms of appearance, Photoscape is not too professional-looking, but still friendly to use. For system requirements, Photoscape will not be discussed if you do not have low specifications.

Photoscape 3.7 can still be used on 32-bit Windows XP, with less than 1 GB of RAM. For computers with macOS and Windows 10, download the X version of the Photoscape program.

3. Paint.NET

The next recommended free lightweight PC photo editing application is Paint.NET. This application has a very light size when compared to other photo editing programs. The latest version, namely 4, now has a user interface that is more modern and comfortable to use.

In the application, Paint.NET does not have a large and complicated display of tools, so users can do editing more easily. To make it easier to undo the editing, Paint.NET has an Unlimited History feature.

Change back editing, just look at the history of the project being worked on. To run Paint.NET, the application will require a minimum of 512 MB RAM, with a processor speed of 800 Mhz. The application will also require the support of the .NET Framework 3.5 program, which is also free to download and install.

4. Artweaver Free

Want your photo editing results to look like a beautiful painting? Artweaver may be the best choice. This application, developed by Boris Eyrich, is more intended for artists who want to draw like on canvas. But Artweaver can also be used for editing.

In the application, Artweaver has various editing features and a variety of brushes that can make photos look attractive. Another interesting thing, Artweaver has Events and Teamwork features, where editing projects can be viewed and assisted together with other editors.

For those interested, the Artweaver application is friendly enough for low-specification computers. With just a Pentium 4 processor, and less than 1 GB of RAM, Artweaver can be accessed for editing purposes. Artweaver supports Windows 7, up to the current latest version 11.

5. Photo Pos Pro

Although it’s not often heard of, Photo Pos Pro can be a free lightweight PC photo editing app that’s worth checking out. When compared to GIMP, it has a simpler look and is easy to navigate. However, GIMP still dominates open-source applications with its features.

As for the features, Photo Pos Pro offers features that are commonly found in similar apps. Features such as Advanced Photo Effects and Stunning Text Effects, can enrich photos just like using paid apps. This app is also easier to learn.

Photo Pos Pro can be used on computers with low specifications. In particular, those using Windows XP or Vista, and a monitor with a 24-bit display. For RAM, Photos Pos Pro requires a fairly large size, with a minimum of more than 1 GB.

6. Fotor

Fotor is the next app that can be used in photo editing. For those who are beginners and do not have great editing skills, Fotor can be learned easily. This is because the app is designed to be user-friendly. With Fotor, users can be creative with the photos they want to edit.

In addition to photos, Fotor can also be used to create albums, and collages, which are popular among young people these days.

Overall, Fotor is a simple yet suitable app for beginner editors. For its specification requirements, Fotor requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM only. The operating system used on your computer should be at least Windows 7 with 64-bit or higher.

For stable performance, it is recommended to have a monitor with a display of at least 1024 x 576. For storage, Fotor is quite space-consuming at around 3 GB. Therefore, make sure that the storage still has enough free space.

7. Canva

The last free lightweight PC photo editing application on this recommendation is Canva. Better known as a mobile photo editing application, Canva now comes as software for Windows desktop.

For those who want to have edits with templates, Canva is the appropriate application. In addition to the editing features that are also found in the same application, Canva has one unique feature, Background Remover.

Equipped with AI-enabled editing tools, Canva will easily remove the background of photos to be recreated. Regarding computer specifications, Canva unfortunately does not have many options compared to others.

This is because Canva is only available on Windows version 10 or above. To run Canva on a computer, the application requires at least 1 GB of RAM, with a Dual-Core processor.

Thus information about free lightweight pc photo editing applications, with complete editing features. As a photo editor, of course, you want to know which editing application suits your needs. This is so that the downloaded application does not disappoint when used.

Therefore, please try one of the recommended apps above. In addition to its unique features, all photo editing activities can also be ready in a more efficient time. Keep in mind, if some applications have features that are only available if you pay.

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