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10 Recommended Unblocked Browser Apps for PC

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It turns out that users don’t need to install a VPN to enjoy sites that have been blocked by the government. Because it turns out that there are recommendations for unblocked browser applications for PCs. Actually all of these existing recommendations are also almost the same as a number of applications that can be installed on smartphone phones.

The existence of a number of applications makes it easier when you want to open sites that are considered vulnerable. Moreover, now there is also a positive internet that is considered to limit the space for a number of people. So that when surfing using a laptop or PC it is also very easy, see the recommendations.

1. Opera

The first unblocked browser application for PC is Opera. Certainly no longer foreign to various circles, especially especially for internet users. Given that the Opera application is considered a legendary application that has been around for a long time but often requires updates to be used.

This browser can open various blocked sites due to the built-in VPN feature. It also effectively blocks a number of advertisements that are considered very annoying to the eyes for internet lovers. Even now there are a number of features that are very modern designed to facilitate internet browsing and activities.

2. Ur Browser

The next unblocked browser app recommendation for PC is UR Browser. This includes recommendations that are favored by various groups because they are unblocked for each site. What’s more this is apparently still very new to the market but already has such a good name.

Supported by a number of features that are of good quality, this browser has features for VPN support that are so fast. And very superior for privacy, especially for maintaining security as well as the user’s IP address so that it is not easily hacked.

3. Epic Privacy Browser

It turns out that this includes an unblocked browser application for PC that is worth considering. From the name alone it is very privacy-preserving for those who use it on a laptop or PC. Then there is also a feature in the form of a built-in VPN to be able to block various incoming advertisements.

Another advantage is that by using the application, it means that users save time downloading various files. And also when downloading multiple audios and videos at the same time can be used simultaneously. So, if you use this application, you no longer need an additional downloader application.

4. Tor Browser

The next recommendation is called Tor Browser which is also highly recommended. Because the platform is multiplatform, so it will guarantee freedom from the use or bondage of positive internet. Another advantage is in terms of maintaining privacy very well.

So, users don’t need to worry about losing personal data or being read by others. And there is a Union extension available to access various sites that have been blocked. Through this browser, users can open a site that applies settings restricting visitors for certain reasons. It certainly makes everyday life easier, doesn’t it?

5. BF Browser

Next for the recommended unblocked browser application for PC is called BF Browser. On a PC or laptop device if installed using this application will immediately provide VPN features. Not surprisingly including applications that are so sought after to anticipate blocks on a site.

Users can browse various sites easily. Moreover, a proxy is provided which is very flexible and fast to access anything. Likewise, the performance of this application is also almost the same as various other browsers that are popular in the community.

6. Puffin Browser

Not to be missed is an application by the name of Puffin Browser which is deliberately designed for anti-blocking on Windows. An advantage of this application is the speed in accessing a site that has been blocked by the government.

This is due to a feature called Cloud online to increase the access speed section. When compared to a number of ordinary browsers, of course this browser application has a higher level of speed. It is even said to be dozens of times more to save time and quota.

7. Brave Browser

Don’t miss for internet users to access the Brave Browser application. Moreover, this application is also very suitable and compatible for use on a PC or laptop.

So that you can access various sites that have previously been affected by positive internet and cannot be opened. Some people may not be familiar with this application. Even though the users themselves are very many, the existence of a VPN can also be an advantage of this application. This is because it can open blocked sites as well as when using it. Users can also enable anonymous mode to hide privacy data.

8. UC Browser

Likewise, an application called UC Browser is widely used on PCs. The reason is because it is superior and a champion in terms of opening various sites that cannot be opened due to positive internet. The application designed by the Alibaba group has a pretty big name.

Especially in the ranks for applications that are so hunted by various people, especially on the internet. Including when juxtaposed with ordinary applications, the UC Browser is also considered faster from various sides.

9. Turbo VPN Browser

As well as an application that is also so much in vogue called Turbo VPN Browser. Being a favorite recommendation used by many people, this browser allows users to access the internet quickly, with the use of Turbo VPN, it can make the internet many times faster. And good at overcoming problems with stagnant internet connections. All of this is of course a distinct advantage of the existence of the application.

10. Azka Browser

So is the case with an application called Azka Browser which is no stranger to Android. Speaking of the actions of this application, of course the browser is so popular in the Play Store. The reason is because it has been uploaded by various people from all over the world thanks to its advantages.

This application provides features to be used on a PC. But it is also available for mobile or smartphone versions to browse various sites. Security is also the main guarantee of the application with the availability of this anonymous feature.

11. Aloha Browser Light

The last recommendation is an application called Aloha Browser Light. This is also a widely used application to be able to open sites that have been blocked. Especially because of the use of positive internet. In addition, the use of this application is also accessed free for anyone so it is so popular in various circles. So, there is nothing wrong with starting to try using the application.

Now there are also various kinds of applications available just to open internet pages that cannot be accessed. Most of these are due to permanent blocking by the government for security reasons. Or also because the site provides bad content.

Those are various recommendations for unblocked browser applications for PC that can be tried. These recommendations are highly sought after by various groups. Because of its very multifunctional use, especially being able to open blocked pages due to positive internet.

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