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9 Apps to Edit Photo to Music Video Offline

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The development of technology makes it easy for many people to edit photos into videos only through applications. Everyone is free to be creative by utilizing the features available in it. In the article below, we will describe the offline music video editing apps for reference.

The applications that will be described below will help someone to learn as a reliable editor. What are these apps? For more details, here are some apps to edit photos into videos offline for user reference:

1. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

One of the most popular offline music video editing apps is FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor. There are many size options when users will edit photos into videos including square, cinema, and many more.

By using this one application, one will get many advantages or advantages. Users can freely use the features available. In addition, one can also choose quite a lot of tools, for example, to trim videos, delete, mixer and so on.

2. PowerDirector – Video Editor & Video Maker

This app has been downloaded millions of times by users. The many features present in this application are the reason for using it. By using this apk, one can change or even remove the background. In addition, this apk also has many effects.

Users can also easily insert various pieces of video or photos to make the results more interesting. So, how to get this apk? Prospective users can get this application through the play store or app store. Here’s how:

  • Open the play store apk on the device.
  • Enter “PowerDirector – Video Editor & Video Maker” in the search bar.
  • After that, click download.
  • Wait for the app to install on your device.
  • Open the app and register
  • Once completed, users can use the application as they wish.

3. Video Editor – Glitch Video Effect

This apk is included in the ranks of the best offline music video photo editing apps. There are so many people who use this apk because there are so many features in it. One feature that is very good and quite famous is the video glitch effect. Not only the glitch effect, this application is also equipped with various effects including vibrate, soul, oixel, neon, monitor, moire etc.

In addition, when using this apk, users can freely edit photos into videos and the results are without watermarks or watermarks.

4. VivaVideo

Undoubtedly, VivaVideo is a photo editing application so that videos are widely used by many people. This one application is very commonly used by people. Many people use this apk one of the reasons is because the interface supports editing.

Various features are available in this application including effects, filters and many more that can be tried. Users can also make videos into slow motion as well as at a high speed. One can try this application, but before that one must download it.

5. VideoShow Video Editor

The next recommended offline music video editing app is VideoShow Video Editor. Like the previous photo editing apk, this one application also has quite a lot of features that users can use. One of these features is the effect.

In addition to the many features, this application is often used because the final video will not have a watermark or watermark. The appearance of this application is also simple so it is easy to use. For more details, here’s how to get VideoShow Video Editor:

  • Open the play store apk on the device.
  • Write “VideoShow Video Editor” in the search field.
  • After that, click download.
  • Wait for the app to install on your device.
  • Open the app and register first.
  • Once completed, users can use the application as they wish.

6. Video Editor For Youtube

Although this application is as famous as vivavideo and so on, but users should not underestimate it. The reason is, this application with a myriad of advantages has many features that users can use and use. These edits will also not have a watermark.

Users will easily combine multiple videos or photos into a whole mix offline. After that, users can add various effects or other features. When finished, the video can be saved to the device in various formats. How’s that? Interested in trying it out?

7. InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker

A lot of people use this InShot apk for several reasons. This application without watermark or watermark can be used by someone to edit photos into videos offline. This application created by InShot has various interesting features.

There are various effects that can be added to enhance the videos created. Some of the most popular effects include stop motion, RGB, Glitch effects and many more.

One can also change or add models to the transition section. To be able to use this apk, one can directly download using the google play store and app store and automatically install. Don’t worry, users will not be charged when downloading it. How about it? Are you interested in trying the application?

8. Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos

This is the 8th offline music video editing app that many people are interested in. It can be said that this application is the latest release. But make no mistake, even though it’s new, this app is not inferior to other video photo editors. This Quik app is suitable for making vlogs.

There are many features that can be used to beautify user videos. One feature that many people like is Self Destruct. By using this feature, users can immediately delete videos that have been made before others see.

9. VMix – Video Effect Editor

This apk has quite a lot of advantages that are in demand by many people. This application, which is similar to VivaCut, can save videos without a watermark. There are various features that users can use to make their videos unique and interesting.

Some features that should not be missed include video cropping, rotation, transition, zoom in and out and many more. Once finished, users can save the video through several formats, including HD, 720p and many more.

To get this apk, users can download it through the play store or app store on the device. Don’t worry, users will not be charged when downloading it. After successfully downloading, users are expected to register first to be able to use the apk.

That’s 9 offline photo editing apps so music videos to be used as a user reference. The number of apk certainly has its own pluses and minuses. Users are free to choose and use the apk according to their wants and needs. Good luck!

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