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11 Photo Edit Application on Samsung Cellphone

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The process of editing photos so that they turn out to be more beautiful now does not need to bother using a PC. Users can edit photos via smartphone devices, including Samsung phones.

The reason is there is a photo editing application on Samsung HP that is practical and the results are guaranteed to be good. There are various applications that users can use to edit photos on Samsung phones.

Each application can be selected by the user in accordance with the needs and memory storage capacity of the user’s Samsung cellphone. Details of each application can be seen in the following explanation.

1. Bonfire Photo Editor

The first app that users can use is Bonfire Photo Editor. This app contains basic photo editing tools, such as skin smoothing tools and removing blemishes on the face.

Bonfire Photo Editor also features a variety of very interesting effects. Some of the effects that users can apply to photos are brightening, realistic, and mirror.

The advantage of the Bonfire Photo Editor application is that it can make photo edits resemble watercolor paintings that are full of uniqueness. Users can download it easily from the Google Play Store.

2. Cymera

Cymera is one of the recommended photo editing apps on Samsung phones. The technology used by the Cymera application is face detection technology. The features included in Cymera include a variety of lenses, interesting shooting modes, and various filters.

Cymera is equipped with beauty effects that users can choose as desired and provides more than 800 attractive decoration motif options. Not only that, Cymera also provides many collage effects that users can use. Users can directly capture photos with this app and then edit them.

3. Prism

Furthermore, in third place is the Prisma application that can help users edit their photos practically. The advantage of the Prisma application is that it looks simple so that users will not be confused in operating it. Also, it can also give a painting-like effect to the edited photo.

Prisma works with artificial intelligence that is able to process images that were originally ordinary, becoming more real and artistic. Prisma also comes with a variety of unique filters inspired by the artwork of legendary painters. Watermarks in this app can be removed through the settings.

4. LightX

The fourth application that users can use is LightX. The advantage of LightX is that there are advanced features so that users can combine as desired.

These features are quite diverse and can be customized depending on needs. For example, color mixing, levels, curves, saturation settings, exposure, contrast, and others. LightX allows users to edit the background, crop out unwanted photo objects, and create blur effects like on a DSLR camera. Filters that users can create include B&W, Vintage, Glow, Drama, Retro, and many others.

5. Photo Director

In fifth place, there is the Photo Director application which is also recommended as a photo editing application on Samsung phones. This application has advanced tools that are similar to the tools in Photoshop. Users can easily retouch images through the tools available.

Photo Director also contains a variety of funny effects that can be applied easily to the photos that users want to edit. In addition, there is also a content-aware removal feature that allows users to easily remove certain objects in photos or photo watermarks. Certainly very interesting, isn’t it?

6. Photo Editor-FotoRus

The sixth recommendation regarding photo editing applications on Samsung phones is Photo Editor-FotoRus. Users can easily brighten photos through the beauty feature built into this app.

Users can also create photos with a variety of available filters. Another feature that supports photo editing by users is the college feature.

Users can combine more than one photo into one frame. Photo Editor-FotoRus has adjusted the size of the edited photo to social media posts, so the photo will not be cut off.

7. Pixlr

The next photo editing app on Samsung phones is Pixlr. Many features are included in this application, such as the photo college feature, color splash, blur, sticker, text, and resize. The photo collage feature serves to unite several photos into one.

Of course, it can be used to edit memorable photos so that they are not deleted. If users want their photos to have a color splash effect, they can use the color splash feature. Then, if users want to add certain words or text, they can access the text feature. Resizing can also be done practically with the resize feature.

8. Pic Collage

Reading the name of this app, users might think that this app only works to merge photos. In fact, this app has more functions than that. Pic Collage also contains basic photo editing features such as text, filters, and stickers. Users can also easily change the photo resolution in this app.

In addition, there is also a crop feature to cut out parts of the photo that users don’t want. Pic Collage can be easily installed on Samsung phones because of its relatively small size.

9. Biugo

The next recommended app is Biugo. The Biugo app is suitable for those who want to edit photos quickly and for free.

This is because Biugo provides a variety of templates that can be applied easily. Users can choose as needed. Available templates include romance quotes, good morning greetings, good night greetings, motivation, and holiday greetings.

Users can combine templates with various effects contained in the Biugo application so that the photo edits are better and more interesting.

10. BeautyPlus

The next recommendation is an app called BeautyPlus. This application not only functions as a camera, but also functions to edit photos. BeautyPlus is equipped with features that can make user photos more beautiful and attractive.

Photo editing that users can do includes brightness settings, saturation settings, and facial smoothness settings. The superior feature of BeautyPlus is the hair editing feature so that it looks neater and edits the hair color as desired.

11. Photo Editor Pro

The last recommendation is the Photo Editor Pro application. Similar to the previously described apps, Photo Editor Pro also has basic features. These features are effects, frames, stickers, and mix and match features. Users can customize it depending on their needs.

There is also a mix and match feature of Photo Editor Pro that functions to beautify photos. Users can make settings related to the lighting level if the photo is deemed less bright. Of course, there is no need to worry anymore if the weather is not favorable because there are the right editing features.

This is a review of the photo editing application on Samsung phones that is recommended to try to make the photos more interesting. The advantages that exist in each application certainly support the photo editing process carried out by users. Choose the application that best suits your photo editing needs.

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