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6 Graduation Background Photo Edit App on Android and IOS

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The pandemic period changed the style of graduation events from 2019 to 2021. At that time, graduation was held only online. But the presence of this graduation background photo editing application is enough to help enliven, even when the hectic pandemic era has passed.

It is no wonder that these apps will still take part in enlivening the graduation ceremony. Especially when graduates can freely change the background of their graduation photos for fun. The following background editing apps for Android and IOS phones can be used as a reference.

Edit Background App on Android

On the Android operating system both on phones and tablets, of course, there are many graduation background photo editing applications. Not only for graduation, but for other needs. Starting from free to paid applications, there are many available on Android. Here are some of them:

1. Remove BG

It seems that this one application no longer sounds strange because it was booming. Initially only a website, it has now expanded to become one of the most sought-after background editing applications. The app has been downloaded for more than 10 million Android phones.

In this app, users can certainly delete and replace the background of their photos quickly. The auto erase and manual eraser features are very helpful. Likewise with the lasso eraser feature so that users can choose which part they want to delete.

2. Background Remover Pro

The second graduation background photo editing application is Background Remover Pro. It turns out that this application is quite popular because it has been downloaded for more than 10 million just like Remove BG. The good thing is, this application has positive reviews and many are satisfied with its performance.

Using this application is also quite easy and fast. In less than a minute, the background of the photo you have has changed as you wish. Other features such as auto-manual in replacing photo backgrounds, zoom or scale features that function to view photos in more detail.

3. Simple Background Changer

The next application that is no less interesting is Simple Background Changer, which has been downloaded for more than five million on the Google Play Store. The performance of this application is quite capable because the resulting photos have high quality even when uploaded on social media.

The special feature of Simple Background Changer is the smoothing effect that can edit the photo background more smoothly and also more regularly. Users can also adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation of their photos. Most importantly, this app is simple and easy to use.

4. Cut Out

Although not as famous as the three apps above, as one of the graduation background photo editing apps called Cut Out, it also has good quality. Although only downloaded by more than one million users, this application has many positive reviews.

No wonder, because the specialty of this application is that it does not require a large storage capacity on the cellphone. In addition to being able to change the background, there are other additional features such as stickers that can be pasted on photos as well as a text editor as a complement.

5. Nature Editor

This graduation background photo editing app is quite unique. Because this application carries the theme of nature or nature, so the background themes available in this application are all about nature.

Not only that, the colors are also more diverse than other applications. The natural theme feels quite unique when mixed and matched with graduation photos.

So if users like natural themes with fairly bright color tones, this application is the best choice. The photos can also be saved directly on the phone without the need for other applications.

6. Auto Cut Photo Paste

The last recommendation is Auto Cut Photo Paste. Apart from the free application, of course this application is quite capable in terms of editing or changing the background of graduation photos or others.

The special thing about this application is that it already has 20 HD resolution background stocks that can be used directly. Other features that are not much different from other applications are auto and manual that can change the background quickly.

Edit Background App on IOS

After discussing at length about applications on Android, the discussion moves to IOS. Just like Android, there are also many background editing apps available on the App Store, both paid and free. Here are the recommendations.

1. Background Eraser: Superimpose

First up on the IOS operating system is the Background Eraser: superimpose app. This app can quickly change the background of a photo. With its simple application display, it is certainly quite easy to use. Simply select the desired object, then the background will be erased quickly.

There is an added blur background feature that can be used to make the photo editing results more beautiful. Users can also add their own background photos and then save them on their phones.

2. Apowersoft: Background Eraser

Next from the graduation background editing apps is Apowersoft: Background Eraser, which is well known among IOS photo editors.

This app is one of the best background editing apps on IOS that you can rely on. In terms of features, this app can change the photo background to transparent in no time. Then users can edit the background with the colors and templates provided, and can even use their own images as photo backgrounds.

3. Background Eraser – Photo Eraser

This is an application made by Kite Games Studio that has no doubt about the quality of its performance. This application is also an application that can be relied upon in matters of editing photo backgrounds available on the App Store.

Almost not much different from the features of Background Eraser – Eraser Photo with other applications, the main feature is the ability to edit and delete photo backgrounds in an instant. It only takes a few seconds, the photo background becomes transparent.

4. Background Eraser – Editor

Of the four apps above, this one is quite simple and very easy to use even for beginners. Although it seems that it is no longer updated by the developer, it is still no problem to use.

Since it’s a fairly old app, the features presented are also nothing special. The advantage of this application lies in the feature of sharing photo edits to social media. Even so, basic background editing features such as deleting and replacing them with elegant effects.

5. Magic Eraser Background Editor

No less good than the row of photo editing applications above is Magic Eraser Background Editor. The good thing is, this application is still always updated by its developer until now. Apparently, this application is quite well known among IOS users.

The list of features is quite convenient such as being able to remove any photo background in seconds. In addition, there are features such as zoom in, zoom out, erase/restore, transparent background, magic wand, reverse tool, and saving photos with high resolution.

That’s a series of lists of graduation background photo editing applications on Android and IOS. Users can change the photo background with campus photos, class photos, or photos with friends and then share them on social media to enliven the graduation event.

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