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10 Best Korean Aesthetic Photo Edit App, Viral Now!

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Perhaps many people are curious about Korean aesthetic photo editing apps that are suitable for use to beautify their photos. Not to mention the many choices of interesting effects to use, starting from the usual to later being more luminous.

In simple terms, many applications have been provided and offered so that later you can enjoy the results of photos according to your tastes and desires. For those who want to know what the application in question is, then you can listen to the complete list below:

1. Foodie

First, there is an app that is probably widely known by now, with a simpler model for beginners to use. Plus, this app is clearly chosen by a wide range of ages including teenagers and adults.

In general, this application is offered in the form of being able to take photos of yourself from the front with family or dear friends. Later there are many interesting filters that can be tried directly in order to make the photo results more satisfying to save.

It’s just that, to use this first photo editing application, users should pay more attention to what the right lighting looks like. Plus, many interesting features that can later be accessed directly, ranging from making photos brighter to contrasting with others.

2. Huji

Then there is the option for another Korean aesthetic photo editing app that many people may already be familiar with, especially for use today. Simply put, this second application is widely used as the main choice because of the feature to take photos with an analog camera model.

No need to worry when trying, this application can actually be used to try to eliminate some parts that are considered out of place. Meanwhile, the light settings are generally easier to do, starting with manual to automatic settings according to your needs.

3. Analog Film

Meanwhile, there is also another option for a photo editing app with a Korean aesthetic that can be accessed for free. Simply put, this app is offered in a more friendly form, ranging from simple models to more muted colors.

Actually, since it was first offered to the public, the app features a lot of options for features and effects, not just limited to Korea.

There are interesting effects from all over the world ranging from Japan to Western regions such as Paris and the United States. Without getting confused later, users can try to download and install this app on both Android and iOS. Not only that, this app can be used for free but also with a paid subscription for those who need more access.

4. B612

Then there is another option for Korean aesthetic photo editing apps that are of course well known especially by young people today. Although it has been around for a long time, this app can actually be used more easily because its appearance is easy for beginners to understand.

As mentioned earlier, this application is indeed outdated but can be accessed for those who want to know cute stickers. Not to mention the various filters that will definitely not be boring and also adorable to use when taking photos with friends.

5. Facetune

This time, there is another option for those who want to collect photos with very aesthetic results and also worth saving.

This application can generally make the face of those who use it brighter and more attractive so that it is suitable for uploading.

This application turns out to be widely chosen because it can help to whiten the teeth of users in a short time so as to cover their respective shortcomings. Not only that, later users can marry a more attractive and certainly tapered face as desired, different from reality.

6. Snapseed

Not to be missed, there are other aesthetic Korean photo editing apps to download with free services as well. For example, this sixth app is offered with a sequential feature model starting from the ordinary to the more aesthetic later.

From the start, this app is offered by a well-known developer and many features are safe, such as features like HDR Space. In addition, there are more detailed descriptions that can be utilized directly, starting with adjusting the contrast of photos to light when editing photos.

7. Polarr

Meanwhile, for this seventh choice, none other than the application known as Polarr can be used. This application can clearly be used to help users be able to continuously update the latest and not boring filters.

Fortunately, this application can clearly be used by beginners, with features that are free and not confused for regular subscription fees. Later both Android and iOS device owners can use this application, according to their respective tastes coupled with the desired effects.

8. Photo Editor – Lumii

Of course, there are many people who use this next Korean aesthetic photo editing application especially without having to pay a lot of subscriptions.

This application is also widely used because it offers more complete features without having to look so strange or far from the original photo.

Later users can enjoy up to around 1000 interesting effects in order to beautify the images that are already owned on HP. In addition, users can also choose some simple tools to change certain color parts at the end of the photo.

9. Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

Not to be overlooked for inclusion in the recommendations, there are other interesting apps that can help to choose a more aesthetic photo collection.

For example, there is an effects feature with a variety of options and models, ranging from being like a famous artist to a funnier one later.

Available for free on public services such as Google Play, this application can actually help to transform several photo collections. Starting from ordinary photos without favorable light can be transformed so easily into photos like works of art.

10. Photo Director

Finally, there is another option for users who want a more familiar application model to download and use. This application is unfortunately generally used by users who already have a lot of experience because the appearance is more complicated. Just like other applications, this application can be used for free without having to be confused and spend a lot of money later.

In addition, this application can also be used for a long time, ranging from ordinary to complicated editing as needed.

Some types of Korean aesthetic photo editing applications that exist can be included in the best list and later tried directly. Starting from applications that have been known for a long time to applications that may be new but can be used without having to pay a subscription.

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