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10 Lightweight Android Browser Apps to Download Now

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As is well known, every Smartphone must have a browser. But sometimes the built-in application has a heavy system for the phone itself. Therefore, many users are looking for Android browser applications that are lightweight and suitable for low spec phones.

But with many similar applications appearing lately, many users are sometimes confused to choose the browser. Therefore, here will be recommended browser applications that are friendly to Android smartphone users as listed below:

1. Chrome

The first recommendation goes to an application called Chrome. Technology users must already know or recognize this application. Because Chrome has long been present in the community. Moreover, this one browser application has a PC version with the same interface. The size of Chrome is only two GB for the smartphone version.

Light enough for the type of application size so that it will not root the user’s cellphone. Even this application also has a fairly high speed. But unfortunately Chrome does not have the Adblock menu that is so needed to avoid annoying ads. That way, users must be patient if when using it they find ads.

2. Opera Mini

Another lightweight Android browser app is Opera Mini. This APK is almost the same as the first one, which has a version for PC. This is what makes this application familiar to technology users. Moreover, the size is light for the device. Not surprisingly, many people use this application.

Even this APK has entered the ranks of the best in 2022 because of the quality of speed offered. Another advantage of this application is that it has a menu to compress data or files. So that it can save the user’s internet quota package.

3. APUS Browser

Next there is an application called APUS Browser. Where this application has a size of only two MB. Even though the size is relatively very light, it has many features that can be utilized by its users. Even this APK also offers the No Image feature in it.

That way, users can disable images while browsing. This can certainly save the user’s internet quota. If users want to have this APK, just visit the Play Store on the cellphone. Then do the download with the name APUS Browser.

4. Brave Browser

In fourth place for the best and also lightweight browser application is Brave Browser. This APK is still a newcomer compared to the others. However, the features offered are no less complete than the previous application. Even this Brave Browser has been equipped with an Ad Block.

Where this feature serves to block sites that users consider unimportant. Another advantage of this application is that it has a fairly high speed. And this application can also save battery. So users don’t need to worry about power running out quickly when browsing.

5. Firefox Browser

This application always competes with Google Chrome, where the users of the two applications are only slightly different in number. Even this Firefox application has two types that can be enjoyed by its users. First there is standard Firefox which offers many features.

For example, such as password security, security when browsing, and so on. Meanwhile, Firefox Focus offers a much higher level of security with a private browsing system. Where the strength of privacy security is prioritized.

Apart from all that, what makes this application a lot of users is because it has two versions. Where the two versions include smartphones and PCs. Even the appearance of the two versions presents simplicity so that users are easy to operate.

6. UC Browser

The next lightweight Android browser application recommendation is UC Browser. This one APK can be downloaded by users on the Play Store on Android Smartphones. Even this application can be used for free without fear of being charged. In addition, the size is also quite light.

Another thing that is beneficial for its users is that this application is quite safe and fast. Even in this UC Browser there is an Incognito Mode feature. Which feature can be used for incognito so that users will not leave traces of browsing history.

7. Web Explorer

In the seventh row is the Web Explorer application which is also a browser APK. This application, which has a fairly light size, is a software released by Leopard V7. This application is indeed presented for Android tablets and smartphones.

Even this application also has complete features like other browser applications. Examples include Adblock, Incognito Mode, and Mede Gesture. Another thing that is also offered by this application is the presence of a full screen mode feature. That way, users can enjoy a full-screen browser display.

8. Microsoft Edge

The eighth browser application is called Microsoft Edge. This application is a Microsoft family. Even this one software is available in two versions that can be used by its users. Where the two versions include PC and Smartphone devices. Even this application also offers a high level of security.

Of course, it allows users’ privacy and online data to be maintained. In addition, this application also provides a tracker prevention feature. So that someone will not be able to track the traces of the user’s browsing.

9. Samsung Browser

The next application is Samsung Browser. Where this software also has a lightweight size. Even though the name is Samsung Browser, that doesn’t mean it can only be used on the brand’s cellphone.

This application can also be run on cell phones with other brands. The name Samsung because this application was made by the electronics brand. Even the features in this application are also complete. Just like the features in the previous apps. Users can also download this APK on the Play Store.

10. Aloha Browser

The last recommendation is Aloha Browser. As before, this lightweight Android browser application is also safe to use. Even this Apk has been registered on the Play Store that is on the user’s smartphone. So, if the user wants to have this application, please download it directly.

The features of this application also have similarities with previous applications. But the difference is that this APP can provide users with a VPN for free. Even this one software makes it easy for users if they want to download data.

Those are some recommendations for Android browser apps that are lightweight and fast to process. In fact, all of the above applications are the best in 2022. And all the APKs that have been mentioned earlier have been registered on the Play Store. Users can immediately download it if they want to have it.

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