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10 Latest Aesthetic Polaroid Photo Edit Apps (Update 2023)

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Photo creations are increasingly diverse. Especially if the photo will be uploaded to Instagram or other social media, people will compete to beautify the photo. One of the most frequently sought after is the aesthetic polaroid photo editing application on the Google Play Store.

Polaroid-themed photo editing has been widely used lately. In addition to its vintage and memorable look, the photo will look much more aesthetic. Especially if it will be used for Instagram stories or Instagram feeds. Here are 10 recommended polaroid aesthetic editing apps for Android:

1. StoryLab

This first aesthetic polaroid photo editing application provides more than 1500 polaroid templates, animated text, more than 250 filters, more than 2000 stickers, more than 400 kinds of highlight covers, and various fonts. These features are very interesting, right?

All of these interesting features can be used for free just by downloading the app through the Play Store or other app stores. StoryLab gets 4.7 stars on the Play Store, which shows that this photo editing app is widely used.

2. Everbloom

Next is the Everbloom app, an app with the title digital polaroid, which is perfect for editing aesthetic polaroid-themed photos. An interesting feature of this app is that it looks like a social media. Users can connect with other users. Community building can also be done in this application.

So, people who have similar interests with other people can connect with each other through the community. Of course, this is useful because it can add relationships and photo editing knowledge.

3. Pro Lab

If users are looking for an app that is rich in features such as being able to edit polaroids, photo books, and can also print them, then Pro Lab is the most recommended app. The app, which contains many interesting features, can be used for free on the Play Store.

Pro Lab provides many templates for editing photo books, as well as aesthetic polaroid photos. In addition, this app can also edit calendar photos and passport photos. Therefore, Pro Lab deserves over 1000 downloads on the Play Store.


As the name implies, VNTG is a vintage-style photo editing application. VNTG provides a variety of interesting features such as different polaroid templates, various shapes of frames, and also features to add text and change the texture of the photo.

However, the downside of this app is the lack of backgrounds for the polaroid frames. Also, the feature of adding stickers is not available. Even so, VNTG is still one of the apps for aesthetic polaroid photo editing that is recommended to download because of its good quality.

5. 90s Cam

This fifth application recommendation carries the theme of photography in the 90s era. The 90s Cam application provides a variety of vintage filters and effects, as well as various types of polaroids that can support aesthetic polaroid photo editing activities. 90s Cam is only 10 MB, so it will save space.

If you want to edit photos in the style of old photos in the 90s, then this application is perfect for use. The vintage nuances presented by this application can add to the impression that the photo will look aesthetic with a vintage theme in the 90s. Please try it.

6. Nichi

This next app is probably already widely used by photo editors. Nichi brings hundreds more effects, polaroid templates, Instagram story templates, and many other interesting features of this app. Everything is available for free in the app.

Users who want to edit using this app can download it directly through the Play Store easily. Therefore, Nichi is one of the editing apps for aesthetic polaroid photos that is highly recommended for everyday use.

7. Unfold

This app is subscribed by many people to edit Instagram needs, such as Instagram stories, posts, or reels. Unfold provides a variety of features such as attractive IG feed designs, aesthetic polaroid templates, and many other interesting features. Check out the features below:

  • Instagram feed design. Unfold provides a variety of designs for Instagram feed needs. Users only need to select a preferred design from Unfold’s catalog, then input the photos to be uploaded and arrange them through Unfold.
  • Instagram story template. Not only feed needs, Unfold also provides needs for Instagram stories. The templates presented are quite a lot so that users will not get bored using them.
  • Can create links in bio. By using Unfold, users can freely set links for other social media accounts that will be posted in the Instagram bio column.
  • Many effects, filters, and stickers are available. To support the editing process, Unfold has provided many interesting effects, filters, and stickers.

8. Snaps

This aesthetic polaroid photo editing app made in South Korea has a simple and minimalist look. Snaps only provides hundreds of filters and templates for polaroid photos. So, this application can only be used to edit photos into aesthetic polaroids. Users are free to choose the templates provided.

Other additional features such as stickers are also available to support the beauty of the photo to be edited. Snaps is designed for simple photo editing that doesn’t take long to complete. It is suitable for the type of user who does not want to be complicated when editing photos.

9. Phosfato

Phosfato provides dozens of polaroid templates that can be used for free by users. All you have to do is insert your photo into the polaroid frame provided.

However, the app is in Latin, so users need to understand the meaning of the buttons if they don’t understand the language. This easy-to-use app is suitable for beginner editors. Although it does not translate to other languages, Phosfato features easy-to-understand buttons with clear visual directions. Users can get this app for free only on the Play Store.

10. Indie

This photo editing app that can also be operated for video editing has a variety of vintage polaroid templates that can be used for free. Of course, the various features available in this application all look aesthetic and suitable for uploading to social media pages.

Indie emphasizes its features on aesthetics, so it’s no wonder that the content of filters, templates, and other editing needs always look good and pleasing to the eye. This app is free to use and can be found on the Play Store. Try using the app. That’s a review of the 10 most sought-after aesthetic polaroid photo editing apps for Android in 2023.

The various applications above can certainly be accessed for free without requiring additional fees. All available applications are present in the Play Store. Android users can simply search for the app name and download it. Wait until the app is installed, then start editing with your own creations. The longer you edit, the more your editing skills will develop.

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