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10 Best Android Browser Apps for Top Security and Experience

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The browser application is an online service that has the function of being a source of providing and receiving various information. In addition, browsers are useful for users to access sites and pages on the internet.

The best Android browser app ideally makes it easy to find information and open files with various extensions. Nowadays, using the internet has become a basic thing that cannot be replaced.

Especially in matters such as the smoothness and speed of access to internet needs certainly depends on the type of web browser used. Here are the best and lightweight web browser recommendations.

1. Google Chrome

It is certain that almost all internet customers know Google Chrome. Initially in 2008, this browser application was only made for Microsoft Windows devices. After that, it was developed so that it could be used by Android, iOS and even Linux as a built-in application on the device.

For its own security, Google Chrome will always warn users who visit dangerous sites such as malware and phishing. In Benchmark tests the Chrome application is the fastest compared to other web browsers, and has features to increase security and stability.

2. UC Browser

Exploring the world through one application will be realized only by using UC Browser. This software was founded in Beijing since 2004. UC Browser has many advantages such as save page to save pages, clipboard for copy and paste and quick search.

This web browser has an ad block system, this is a way out for users who feel annoyed by advertisements. With ad block the ad site will be blocked immediately. To speed up search navigation, UC Browser runs data compression which is useful for saving used data.

3. Dolphin Browser

Like a dolphin swimming swiftly in the sea, Dolphin Browser will move quickly to serve internet services. Incognito or private browsing is also possible so that users can operate the internet without any trace. Playing html5 videos and downloading quickly are also possible with this browser.

The interface access to other websites is also fast to open Facebook, Bing, Twitter and many others. Then it can be personalized for a faster way. For example, just type the initials of the website in search, such as “B” to visit Bing. The background color can be customized to further personalize the look. Users can choose according to their own preference.

4. FireFox

Released by Mozilla, Firefox Daylight for Android is considered to be able to compete with the popularity of Google Chrome. The freedom and transparency of internet access to be accessible to the public is Mozilla’s mission. So that users have full control over their internet life.

When it comes to web browser security, users don’t need to worry. Firefox guarantees this by providing privacy protection and tracking protection that already works automatically. Using Firefox on all devices makes it easy to take your bookmarks, logins and history with you everywhere.

5. Opera Mini

If you are looking for a lightweight and fast browser, use Opera Mini, which is worthy of being the best Android browser application. The reason is, this software still prioritizes speed and saves data even when browsing on a slow network. News or pages can also be saved and read later.

Transferring or receiving files and photos can be done safely without having to connect to an internet connection. Even file sharing speeds without using data can be up to 300mb/d. To show the uniqueness of everything in this browser can be customized, such as themes, news categories and layouts.

6. Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser is the main replacement for the internet browsing system on Windows 10. However, after further development, this browser can already operate on iOS and Android devices.

Previously the software code name in January 2015 was Spartan which was later introduced in April 2015 as Microsoft Edge.

Passwords, collections, saved data and favorites are always in sync and secure. Searches do not always have to be drawn in the search field. Instead, it can use images and sounds as instructions. In order for users to get appropriate searches, the immersive reader makes it possible to avoid unwanted content.

7. FD Browser – Fast Money Browser

FullDive is a storage-friendly browser that was released in 2018. This time the software is a social web browser. This means it is possible to connect with family, friends and other FullDive users. To activate it, browse as usual and tag and mention friends, then users can chat directly through the application.

Another advantage of using this browser app is the rewards in the form of cash and gopay. Only on Fulldive, diligent browsing and watching videos or listening to songs can generate passive income. Sites like Instagram and Twitter are organized and included in Fulldive.

Easy internet access even through the lockscreen. Scroll up the lockscreen to access opened apps, to the right to view the latest news. Finally scroll down for users to manage notifications in Fulldive.

8. Brave

This best Android browser app is safe because it blocks third-party ads, especially those that threaten privacy. It prevents being detected by ads and leaked by malware, perfect for users who need to focus.

No need to worry about distractions such as pop ups because they will be blocked without having to set anything. Even with maximum performance and a fast search system, the Brave browser still tries to save device battery power usage.

Data security while operating is encrypted. Complete with famous privacy features such as https, private tab feature, recent tabs and script blocking.

9. Vivaldi Browser

The comprehensive features offered by Vivaldi Browser arguably prioritize practicality. Such as having a personal translator designed by Vivaldi Translate and also a qr code scanner to share links.

In addition, there is a feature to utilize page actions to align pages with filters. And also write notes even while browsing.

With these features, it makes internet activities more practical because it makes users do not need other additional applications. Vivaldi also prioritizes privacy and will not track the software used so that users feel safe. It also has speed dialing by sorting the layout and speed dialing in search.

10. Mint Browser – Lightweight. Fast. Secure

A browser for Android devices that only requires 10 mb to download. Because it doesn’t take up much storage space, it’s lightweight to use. Ads are automatically blocked and loaded images are limited, which keeps the web clean and saves data usage.

It is quick to load the site and instantly detects the video that needs to be downloaded. Therefore, users only need to click download which will appear later.

This browser also claims that its software is fast, lightweight and safe, not just words. Mint browser does prove this with the features provided.

Having superior specifications that can be tailored to user needs, that was the best Android browser application that has many features and advantages. Everything is accessible for free and safe because it protects privacy. So, don’t hesitate to use the above web browsers as an option.

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