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10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps on Macbook

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Free photo editing apps on MacBook are much sought after these days by Mac users. Especially if you want to beautify the photos that have been taken, then users can try editing the photos.

The edited photo will also look more beautiful. For users who like photo editing, they will certainly like it if they can edit photos for free. MacBook users don’t need to worry, there are many free and quality photo editing applications that can be downloaded. Here are the various applications that can be downloaded:

1. Pixen

The first recommended free photo editing application on MacBook is Pixen. This application is highly recommended for users who want to edit photos with animation and pixel themes. The features provided by this application also vary, such as photo layers, animation features, and also changing photo formats.

The photo layer feature in the Pixen application aims to paste or stack many photos as desired on one sheet. Not only has a layer feature, Pixen also provides a variety of animations that can beautify photos and of course can be used for free.

2. Picasa

If you want to edit your photos with a feature-rich app, then Picasa is the answer. This free photo editing app on MacBook provides features such as being able to remove scratches or stains on photos, edit multiple photos into collages, and there are also many beautiful filters available.

Picasa is a recommended photo editing application that is suitable for beginners because of its easy operation. The features provided by this application are also quite complete, and you can even resize photos as desired. What’s more, using Picasa doesn’t cost a thing.

3. Seashore

Seashore is a photo editing application that is definitely free for MacBook users. The developer of the Seashore application created a variety of features such as color gradation on photos, changing the texture of photos, photo layers, coloring photos, giving text to photos, and being able to give a brush touch to photos.

Users can find this application for free through the official Seashore website which can be found on the device’s online search engine. Seashore has a simple interface, making it suitable when used by novice editors or users who want to edit photos quickly.

4. Chocoflop

This free app is still under development. Even so, Chocoflop can already be used well with many cool features. Starting from the color change feature on one part of the photo object, change the diameter and also the sharpness of the photo.

The background in the photo you want to edit can also be through the Chocoflop application. Not only that, controlling colors, adjusting brightness, entering text, and giving animation to photos have been provided by this free photo editing application on MacBook. If it is completed from the development stage, it is likely that the features will increase even more.

5. The Gimp

The Gimp is commonly referred to as a free Photoshop that MacBook users can download. Getting this designation, of course, is because the features owned by The Gimp are almost the same as Photoshop. In fact, the interface of The Gimp is also almost the same as Photoshop.

This beta application was developed by volunteers, so sometimes there are still many problems with the application. Starting from changing the shape of the photo, the dimensions of the photo, to the color is available in this application. Brushes as well as filters and interesting animations can be used for free.

6. Apple’s Photos

This built-in application that can be used for free by MacBook users can make photos more pleasing to the eye. The filters provided by Apple’s Photos are diverse and can be adjusted to the photo to be edited. Apple’s Photos emphasizes its filter feature more than others.

Another feature that is not less competitive with filters is that fellow MacBook users can share photos with each other through the application. In addition, by editing here, users can create their own desired photo albums. Users can group one similar photo with another.

7. Aurora HDR

For MacBook users who like to edit photos using various aesthetic presets, then you can try the Aurora HDR application. Hundreds of beautiful presets can spoil the eyes. Just insert the photo to be edited, then select the preset you want to use.

Other features such as changing contrast, saturation, and also other features are also available in this application. All available presets can be used for free for two weeks. After that, users will not be able to access the presets unless they continue to pay for the Aurora HDR feature.

8. Fotor

The next free photo editing app on MacBook is Fotor. The feature provided by the Fotor application is that users can freely create designs and collages from many photos.

Users can simply download the Fotor application through the official website which can be obtained through a browser. Starting from setting light, tone, color, HSL, structure, noise, curves, and also the darkness of the photo is available in this one application.

With good quality, good appearance, and also free of charge, Fotor is one of the editing applications that should be owned on a MacBook.

9. Picktorial

A classy and elegant look is presented by the developer in the Picktorial application. The sensation of editing with a very nice and well-organized appearance in the application makes it its own attraction. Users can freely download it through the official website of Picktorial without paying a penny.

Picktorial provides a variety of features that can be used for free, such as providing a variety of sample photos that can be made into editing exercises by users. From the size, color, light, sharpness, and other editing features can be used freely by users.

10. Affinity Photo

The last application recommendation is Affinity Photo. This application can be obtained easily and of course for free just by visiting the official website of the application. Affinity Photo also provides a 14-day trial period feature to be able to access all the features in the application.

If the trial period has expired, then users can only use the free features provided by the application. For example, such as setting the size of photos, adding text, stickers, animations, and graffiti to photos, photo layers, and other features. T

hus the review of free photo editing applications on MacBook that can help the photo editing process. Users can try one of the above recommendations that are available for free, as well as rich in interesting and eye-pleasing features.

The ten applications that have been provided above can be downloaded directly through the application’s official website. The download can also be used for free, except for applications that are required to pay. The above apps can be a tool for editing photos to make them look more beautiful.

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