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7 Free Photo Editing Apps on iPhone for Quality Results!

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The flagship iPhone smartphone is known for having a camera with good photo quality. However, photos can be made even better by trying to use free photo editing apps on iPhone. Not only good, photos can be created as interesting as possible with a variety of editing tools.

Nowadays, photo editing is no longer an activity that only capable people can do. Various photo editing applications have been designed in such a way as to help those who do not have editing skills to edit their own photos.

However, this does not mean that any photo editing application can be used. Some people certainly want a quality application, has various features, and a professional appearance. Therefore, here are the various editing apps that can be used for free on the iPhone:

1. Photoshop Express Photo Editor

The first free iPhone photo editing app worth mentioning in this review is Photoshop Express. This Adobe-developed app was originally a paid app. But now, the app can be used for free with optional premium features.

Since it comes from Adobe, Photoshop Express has a wide range of editing tools just like Photoshop software on computers and laptops.

Notable features such as the masking tool, multi-selection tool, and healing tool are available on the mobile version of Photoshop Express. When it comes to filters, the app provides quite a few filters and overlays, which can be edited with Color Temperature, Vibrance, and other effects. Selfies can also be improvised with the features in Retouch.

Overall, Photoshop Express allows editing just like using the computer version. In addition to Photoshop Express, Adobe also provides other free applications in the form of Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Photo Effects. Both apps can be used on the iPhone, and each has its own editing features that are just as good as Photoshop Express.

2. YouCam Perfect: Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect is considered one of the best photo editing apps. The reason is that this app can instantly enhance photos even when the photo or selfie has just been taken with the iPhone camera.

The app also has various tools for editing selfies. One of the interesting features on YouCam Perfect is the Body Tuner. The feature can change the body posture of the photo with just a few taps. For those who are self-conscious and lack confidence, YouCam Perfect can create an ideal posture for its users.

Not only that, selfies can be brought to life with the Animated Selfies feature, where photos can become GIFs to short videos. Selfies can be enhanced using the Magic Brush. With all the features mentioned, YouCam Perfect is suitable for selfie photo editing.

3. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

The application that will be discussed next is VSCO. This free photo editing application on the iPhone can be used as an editing and sharing inspiration.

This is because this application has a variety of VSCO communities that can share new tips about the world of editing. As a free editing application, VSCO provides dozens of presets that are free to use with editing tools like a desktop editor.

Editing can be started from a freshly captured photo, and then transformed with the various effects and filters provided. With its user-friendly interface, VSCO ensures that anyone can understand and use the app without much effort. As a completely new user, the VSCO app and its community are very much geared towards beginners.

4. Afterlight – Photo Editor

When it comes to photo editing apps, some people think that they must be difficult to use. Fortunately, Afterlight photo editing app can provide the best editing quality that is easy to use and master.

Photos can be edited quickly while still giving great results. With Afterlight, photos can be created with a variety of filters, and the best advanced tools. Anyone can use the Adjustment Tools, Advanced Curves, and Selective Hue features freely. Textures and overlays are also present to enhance the quality of a photo.

Confused with finding ideas? Don’t worry. Afterlight also has hundreds of artwork templates, which can be used as the basis of photo edits. The selected template can immediately be changed with various blending or coloring options that are easy to learn.

5. Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters

Awarded App of the Year in the App Store, Prisma is a must-use free photo editing app for iPhone. With this app, photos or selfies can be created with interesting filters and effects.

Using Prisma is also very easy. One of the main features of Prisma is Portrait Segmentation. This feature allows editing and adding styles to photos separately. For example, filters are only added to the face. Also, the background appearance can be changed with the desired template or photo.

Overall, Prisma is an app that can add imagination to an edited photo or selfie. Hundreds of filters are waiting to be used freely and for free. If you want more, then Prisma comes with a premium service that is quite affordable.

6. Snapseed

The Google company apparently not only makes applications for educational and work needs. Now, the giant company also presents the Snapseed photo editing application, which can be accessed for free for iPhone users.

With an intuitive interface, this app provides a quality editing experience. Wanting to compete with other editing apps, Snapseed does not want to be outdone by providing around 29 photo editing tools.

These tools start from Healing Brush, Tune Image, Tonal Contrast, to HDR Scape. There are many other editing tools provided from Snapseed. Although it started with an all-white look, Snapseed now comes with a Dark Mode feature. This feature is suitable for those with eye problems, or sensitivity issues with certain brightness levels. For those who want to do photo editing, Snapseed is the right choice.

7. Fotograf

The last free photo editing app for iPhone is Fotograf. Although less known, this application provides underrated editing quality. Fotograf processes images in a 96-bit non-destructive manner, to bring out the best quality of the iPhone.

When it comes to editing, Fotograf simply offers a wide range of free filters, accompanied by presets that you can create yourself. With the Custom Presets feature, presets can be reused for photos that you want to add later. Homemade presets can be saved as many times as you want.

In addition, Fotograf can also switch the editing view to portrait or landscape, without having to change the iPhone screen orientation. So, landscape photos can be edited with this app conveniently.

This flexibility makes Fotograf worth using as the best photo editing. That’s all the information about various free photo editing apps on iPhone for those who want to edit with the best results.

The applications that have been mentioned are expected to satisfy the desire of iPhone owners to edit photos with the coveted results. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, these apps can still provide quality services. Thanks to this, editing becomes more flexible and can be done anywhere just by using an iPhone. Create your own photos with the best editing apps.

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