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8 Red Background Photo Edit Apps Online

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Unlike in the past, editing photos today has become simpler so that it can be done by almost everyone. This convenience is supported by the existence of sites that can be utilized. In addition, there is also an online red background photo editing application that is commonly used to change the background.

There are several applications to change the background color commonly used by people who will apply for a job or have a special interest. Therefore, editing applications are very much sought after and used by various groups. Here are some of the best apps that users can try.

1. Simple Background Changer

This one application is widely chosen because it is very easy to use so that anyone can use it. Simple Background Changer makes editing activities run very fast so that the time you have is not wasted just for photo editing.

One of the advantages of this application is the availability of various Brush sizes. In addition, there is a feature that can make the photo results smoother like not editing, namely Smoothing Effect.

The Undo and Redo features in this application allow users to edit photos without having to repeat from the beginning if an error occurs when editing a background change.

Not only the features already mentioned, there are also Zoom In and Zoom Out and a magnifying glass to make editing easier. Available for free, Simple Background Changer has been downloaded millions of times and users give the app a pretty satisfactory rating.

2. Photo Background Blender

Unlike the previous application, Photo Background Blender can not only be used to replace the background. This application can also be used to combine or add stickers and text to photos so that the results obtained will be more satisfying.

The feature of adding stickers and the availability of different font types makes this application much loved by its users. In addition, Photo Background Blender developed by Golden Camel is becoming increasingly attractive with the feature of sharing photos to various social media.

3. Photo Background Changer

Not much different from the previous apps, Photo Background Changer also offers features that make it easier for users to edit photos. Can be used for free, this application has a Change Backgrounds feature. This feature makes background editing very fast and practical.

In addition to the Change Background feature, this application also provides Image Effects, Image Editing, and Share features to share the results of photos that have gone through the editing process. Please note that the Image Editing feature has various advantages, such as removing certain objects, cropping, and changing the position of photos.

4. Background Eraser

Available for free, Background Eraser is a very lightweight application that only has a capacity of about 3 MB. Developed by handyCloset Inc, this application can be used to remove the background so that you can easily paste photos with red color. This application can help users edit photos quickly because there are some very useful features, namely automatic and extract modes. These two features make photo background editing neater and more accurate, and provide photo results with good composition.

5. Change Photo Background Editor

The Change Photo Background Editor application is a photo editing program that offers various interesting features and can be used for free. One feature that is excellent in this application is Erase.

This feature is useful for removing unwanted photo objects. In the Erase feature, Nine Square Tech as a developer pampers its users with a cursor whose size can be adjusted as desired.

In addition to Erase, there are also features of Automatic Blur, Undo, Smoothness, and various effects that can make the edited photos more attractive and as desired.

This online red background photo editing application released in 2017 can be used for various types of smart phones with OS 5.0 to the latest version. Change Photo Background Editor is one of the favorite apps and has been downloaded up to 1 million times.

6. PhotoCut – Background Eraser & CutOut Photo Editor

Being one of the best apps, PhotoCut – Background Eraser & CutOut Photo Editor has a new feature of removing the background with one click. In addition to these advanced features, this photo editing application also offers a feature to remove unwanted objects easily and quickly.

This application, which was released in 2019, is unique in that it has the feature of saving the background that was removed after the editing process. These background pieces can be used for other photos or saved as stickers that can be used for chatting on WhatsApp.

Developed by Imagix AI Private Limited, PhotoCut also spoils its users with photo filter features that can make the edits more interesting. The various advantages offered by this application are supported by the Share feature that can be used to share photos to various social media.

7. PicsArt

PicsArt is a very popular online red background photo editing application. Not only used for photo editing, this app can also be used for video editing. Developed by PicsArt, Inc, PicsArt has several features, such as removing the background, removing unwanted objects, blur effect on the background.

In addition, PicsArt also provides filters, stickers, and images that can be used freely without any charges. Not only that, but the app also has other features such as flip and crop, as well as selfie retouch which is used to change hair color or anything else.

Having many different features makes PicsArt have a download size of approximately 40 MB and has been downloaded more than 500 million times. To download the app, users must have a smartphone with at least OS 6.0 to the latest. In order to get more complete features, users can make a purchase first.

8. Canva

Similar to PicsArt, Canva is also an app for photo and video editing. This popular app also provides some interesting features. Starting from editing photos, such as cropping, adjusting saturation, brightness, to contrast, and autofocus for background blur.

In addition, Canva also provides filters, effects, stickers, and text that can be added to photos. Not only that, the application offered by Canva can also be used to create collage and grid mode photos so that it can make photos more interesting. Another advantage that Canva has is the absence of ads that will interfere with users when editing photos or videos.

With the various features available, it’s no wonder that Canva has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times with millions of reviews and an average rating of satisfactory. Those are some online red background photo editing applications that can be utilized by anyone. Users can choose the application that suits their device specifications or uses. If some of the options mentioned still don’t help, users can ask for help from others.

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