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10 Unblocking Browser Apps for Android, Safe and Fast

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There are times when the sites you want to visit via the internet are blocked so that the words “Internet positive” appear. Nowadays, the Android unblocked browser app comes as a solution. Users can simply download the app from the official store, such as the Play Store for Android users. Many people think of using a VPN to unblock these sites. It’s true that VPNs are effective in unblocking, but their use is also risky. Such as malware, adware, or slowing down internet speed. As an alternative, here are apps that can open the browser without any blocks:

1. BF Browser

First, there is BF Browser, which is widely chosen for browsing more freely. This app developed by Panic Nitro carries an attractive design and is easy to use. With a size of only 15 MB, BF Browser can already be used on the device. BF Browser provides complete settings.

For example, blocking images, activating stealth mode, and so on. For users who need more privacy, they can lock their browser with a special pattern. BF Browser also has adequate security and does not require registration.

2. Opera Mini

Almost all internet users have heard of Opera Mini. The popularity of this application is proven by the number of downloads exceeding 500 million. Naturally, because Opera Mini allows users to browser freely without worrying about the site being blocked. The appearance is very simple, even beginners can operate it easily.

The app size is also very friendly at 17 MB, perfect for devices with limited memory. Users do not need to register. Simply download it from the Play Store, then you can immediately use it to open the site that was previously blocked.

3. Proxy Surf: Unblock Sites

The next Android unblocked browser app recommendation is Proxy Surf. As the name implies, this application made by Nesc Creative allows users to open various blocked sites. Without the need to download a VPN, any site can be opened immediately. Apart from making searches faster, Proxy Surf is also safe to use. This application can be downloaded with a size of only 4.1 MB and used for free. Operation is very easy, supported by a user-friendly interface.

4. Tor Browser

Familiar with the browser with the onion symbol on a purple background? That is Tor Browser, an application suitable for users who do not want to use a VPN but want to browser freely.

The app itself is equipped with a VPN, so the user’s IP will automatically change. The security of user data is guaranteed, so there is no need to worry. Tor Browser sets high standards of security and privacy in browsing.

Users will be protected from various types of surveillance or other interference from irresponsible parties. With the IP being anonymous, there will be no trace left behind of any sites visited. So for users who need an application with strict security priorities and freedom to explore, Tor Browser is the answer. In terms of size, it is indeed larger, at 83 MB.

5. Blue Proxy

Blue Proxy is an Android unblocked browser app created by Golzak. Simply put, Blue Proxy can unblock all sites that cannot be opened because they are blocked. With a basic blue color, the appearance of this application is quite comfortable and easy to use. There is no need to download a VPN, as the app itself already has one. For users who do not want their search history to be known, they can use the incognito mode available. So it won’t leave any search traces on any site. The user’s IP number will be hidden so that it is safe from virus attacks or even hackers. Interestingly, users can activate various settings such as removing ads, blocking trackers, and others. Blue Proxy can be downloaded with a size of 6.6 MB.

6. Pekob Pro

Looking for an unblocked browser app for Android users with limited storage space on your phone? Pekob Pro could be the best option. Although it’s new and its name is rarely heard, this app, which is only 3.6 MB in size, is very functional. With a cute character logo, the app is very easy to use.

Pekob Pro is all about personalized browsing with modern features. For example, you can view screenshots, use night mode, block images, and more. There’s even a turbo mode that can speed up searches. Users can now access unlimited websites.

7. Aloha Browser

Aloha is a browser that already comes with a VPN as its flagship feature. No need to download a VPN to unblock the sites you want to visit. Aloha Browser has been trusted by up to five million users. By default, users can access various sites without exception.

Aloha is equipped with important browser features such as deleting history, clearing cache and cookies automatically. So that after use, there is no accumulation of junk files that make the application size swell. In terms of security, Aloha users also don’t need to worry about it.

In Aloha, users can be free from ad interference and pop ups by activating adblock. Browsing is private and secure, with the ability to add server speed and dual security. A numeric password or fingerprint is available so that only the user can unlock it.

8. Vegas Browser

The next option is Vegas Browser. From a security perspective, the internet can be accessed anonymously. The user’s location will not be known and all sites can be unblocked. Vegas Browser provides a speed test to determine the speed of the browser. Not only that, the speed can also be increased. Users are given the freedom to choose the server they want to use. For example, Canada, Russia, Netherlands, USA, and so on. The app is only 5 MB in size, so it’s very light on the device.

9. Brave

Brave is an Android unblocked browser app that is larger than similar apps. But it’s worth it for its guaranteed security. Privacy, personal data security, and preventing foreign trackers from entering. Users can also check information such as time spent browsing, and blocked trackers. Another advantage is that it can increase speed up to 8 times faster. Plus, the battery saving feature saves battery during browsing. This 93 MB app also offers Brave Rewards, which can be used to support favorite sites.

10. Azka Browser

Finally, there’s Azka Browser, a 13 MB application that can help users browse more smoothly. Although it can unblock various sites, user privacy is maintained. This application made by Azka DEV is user-friendly, making it easy to surf the internet.

Azka Browser is supported with a safe guard so that it will not leave traces of browsing. Intrusive ads can also be disabled through block ads. The available bandwidth is also unrestricted. This app can be activated on WiFi, 3G to 5G networks. Thus the review of several recommendations for Android unblocked browser applications that can facilitate users in surfing the internet. The browser options above are all anti-internet positive, so you can visit various sites that were previously blocked.

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